French kisses

American filmmakers like to consider themselves masters of the rom com (romantic comedy) genre. In the ‘old days’ this may have been true with movies such as The Philadelphia Story and Woman of the Year winning hearts and laughs over and over again. But in more recent times the rom com films from factory Hollywood and both predictable and very unfunny. Not so with new French movie, Heartbreaker, which is a sheer joy from beginning to end…

Heartbreaker is a fast-paced romp set in the South of France and Monaco. It tells the tale of Alex Lippi (Romain Duris) a man who makes his living by breaking up couples where the male is considered inappropriate by family members. When Alex is hired by a wealthy man concerned about his daughter Juliette’s (played by Vanessa Paradis) approaching marriage to someone he considers inappropriate, the fun begins. Juliette is haughty, independently wealthy and very much in love with her fiancé. Yet there is something about the dark-haired ‘bodyguard’ foisted upon by her father, that she can’t quite ignore. And for the first time Alex finds it difficult to remain uninvolved, to just get his ‘work’ done and move on.

Apart from stunning scenes of the Cote d’Azur and Monaco, and a very good-looking couple in Duris and Paradis, the real strength of this movie is the humour. Instead of trotting out tired romantic clichés, director Pascal Chaumeil is unafraid to encourage both Duris and Paradis to look silly and vulnerable. Support cast, including Julie Ferrier as Alex’s sister Melanie and Francois Damiens as his brother-in-law, Marc are hilarious and Andrew Lincoln plays the jilted lover, Jonathan, again losing out, as he did in Love, actually, to a man far more interesting than he is.
This is a five-star feast for the senses. The French know a lot about love with all its foibles and are capable of seeing the fun as well as the drama!

Reviewed by Kaye Fallick

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