Grumpy Old Men – The Collection

Do you know someone who is incensed by compulsory tipping?

Someone who becomes infuriated if kept on hold for more than a minute?

Chances are they are male and of a certain age… these middle-aged moaners can get into a lather about almost anything from customer service to nose studs, from speed bumps to ringtones. Men between the ages of 35-54 are the grumpiest group of people in history – grumpier than their parents, who were glad just to have survived the War and live long enough to collect their pensions, and grumpier than their children, who don’t care about anything except iPods and tattoos.

This series gives full and hilarious access to the celebrity members of this ‘grumpy generation’ as they side-step political correctness and issue forth hilarious sardonic, eloquent and singularly opinionated grousing about anything.

Grumpy Old Men features a diverse, colourful and very grumpy group of celebrities, including Sir Bob Geldof, Rick Wakeman, Bill Nighy, Rick Stein, Jeremy Clarkson, Bill Bryson, Neil Kinnock, Noddy Holder and many more.

This complete collection gathers tog ether for the first time Series 1-3 plus the Christmas special in one very irritable box set.

RRP $39.99


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