Life of Pi

A trip to the cinema is a great way to keep cool during the summer and keep kids entertained. Life of Pi was a surprising success for Debbie’s son Euan.

Having lived in India all his young life, Pi grew up with animals all around as his dad owned a zoo. However, everything he knew changed the day his father decided to sell the zoo and set sail to Canada, taking their animals with them. Tragedy strikes half way through their journey when a deadly storm hits. Having never heard such a storm Pi heads to the deck and dances in the rain, while his family remain asleep in their room. When the ship starts to fill with water, Pi is able to escape in a lifeboat, but his family cannot escape from their room below.

While some of the animals are able to escape, others are not so lucky. Pi is joined in his bid for survival by a swimming zebra and an ourangatang he classes as a friend. When a hidden hyena attacks and kills both the animals, Pi tries to fight back but is overwhelmed and forced to jump ship once again.  The hyena too is to meet a tricky end when he tries to skulk back into hiding only to be met, and killed by, a tiger.

Faced with the need to survive, Pi and the tiger come to an uneasy truce. The long journey takes them to an island inhabited only by meerkats, but it appears that there is something more dangerous at play when he finds a rotting human tooth.

Despite the forces of nature, Pi and the tiger bond on the next leg of their journey and when they eventually reach an inhabited island, the tiger leaves without aknowledgement and Pi is devastated. When asked to relay his tale to the owners of the original ship, it is obviously difficult to believe. To make things easier, Pi retells the story, attributing each of the animals to people he knew from the boat

The hyena takes the persona of a chef who is clever and has survival skills, the zebra becomes an injured sailor and his mother the ourangatang. I won’t tell you whom the tiger is as this is integral to the spiritual journey Pi has just taken and is for you to uncover.

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