Man’s best friend

Man’s best friend, more like worst nightmare! This cute adorable “clearance puppy” otherwise known as Marley, takes over the lives and hearts of his owners.

Based on the best-selling novel by John Grogan, the adventures of Marley, the overgrown pooch with a big heart, will have animal lovers laughing until they cry. Marley and me is a based on the real-life adventures of John Grogan and his dog, Marley. Grogan, played by Owen Wilson, is keen to muffle the sound on his wife’s biological clock by introducing a puppy into their life. Grogan’s wife Jen (Jennifer Aniston) welcomes the dog with open arms but it is Grogan’s life on which Marley has the most impact.

Through his newspaper column Grogan relates the hilarious escapades of Marley, “the worst dog in the world”. The column becomes a hit and Grogan and Marley are heroes. Deep down, Grogan yearns for a different life, one of an investigative journalist and takes his now growing family, two boys Patrick and Connor and a girl, Colleen, to Philadelphia, where he soon realizes just how happy his life as a columnist had been.

This is more than a movie about a dog. It is heartwarming and insightful, offering a realistic view of how life can change – and that learning to accept what makes you happy is the real key to fulfillment. This movie is simple, not flashy or distracting. The laughs come from “real life” moments of an everyday American family.

Marley is undoubtedly the real star of the show although it’s difficult to understand how anyone could have put up with him for so long! He simply loved his family and had an over-the-top zest for life, with no bounds on his affections or his actions. If you’ve read the book then you know the ending, which I won’t spoil but make sure you have a tissue or two!

A true tale of puppy love.

Reviewed by Debbie McTaggart

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