Taken, not stirred

With his twinkling eyes and soft Irish brogue, Liam Neeson may not be your first choice as an action hero. But in his latest box office offering, there’s a definite hint of James Bond about him.

Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson)estranged daughter Kim (Maggie Grace)lives with her mother Lenore (Famke Jansson) and her rich step father. As with many separated parents, Bryan and Lenore come to blows on how best to raise their. While travelling in Europe with a friend, Kim is kidnapped, a situation Bryan is helplessly listening to on the other end of the phone. When the kidnappers pick up the dropped phone, Bryan clearly states his intentions to them – he will hunt the men responsible, he will find them and he will kill them.

Now Mills is no ordinary father. He has a past that includes work for the CIA. He has a particular set of skills which make him a very dangerous man and soon everyone involved with his daughters kidnapping will know what he is capable of and the lengths he will go to find her.

At 56 Neeson is amazing in this. He shows no sign of his age slowing him down as he jumps, smashes, punches and kicks his way through countless Albanian traffickers to find his kidnapped daughter. The violence is strong and apparent and whilst all of this menace is unfolding before your eyes, you still get a story running throughout as the backbone of the picture.

Perhaps a little far-fetched in places, this movie none-the-less offers an alternative to some of the truly ridiculous action movies that have been served up of late. Neeson shows another side to his talents and makes you wonder why he was never consider as a possible Bond.

Fast-moving, hard-punching action all the way.

RRP: $34.95

20th Century Fox

Reviewed by Debbie McTaggart

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