The guilt trip

Comedy movies must be one of the hardest genres for actors and directors alike to get right. Humour is so subjective – what makes one person roll in the aisles laughing, makes another roll their eyes in despair. This is one for all those mothers out there who are struggling to cope with their children growing up and moving on.

Seth Rogen has quite a cult following with younger movie goers and his deadpan performance as miserable inventor Andy is the perfect foil to Barbra Streisand’s overbearing, overlooked mother character.

In all reality, Rogen and Streisand deserve a better script, but the unlikely duo have enough chemistry to make the most of what they’ve been given. As Andy prepares to cross America trying to hock the new cleaning product he’s invented, his mother tells him the story of her lost love. Deciding that it’s time she got back in the dating game, he decides to look up the man from her past and reroutes his trip to San Francisco where he now lives.

Taking his mother along for the ride, without her knowledge of what awaits at the end of the journey, the pair find out about each other’s hopes, failings and a whole lot more in between.

For those who loved Streisand in classics such as Funny girl and The way we were, this may not be the movie for you, but if you’re looking for some well delivered one-liners and a watchable plot, then The guilt trip is a pleasant enough way to spend an evening.