The Hunter

In this haunting and beautiful Australian drama, The Hunter, Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe stars as Martin David, a globe-trotting mercenary hired by a mysterious biotech company to track down the last remaining Tasmanian Tiger.

Under the wing of Jack Mindy (Sam Neill), Martin lodges at the home of Lucy (Frances O’Connor), who is grief-stricken after the disappearance of her activist husband, Jarrah, and struggling to care for her two children, Sass and Bike. As Martin embarks upon his clandestine mountain search for the elusive creature, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to the troubled family and trying to resolve the mysteries hidden within the treacherous landscape. A powerful psychological drama set against the striking beauty of the Tasmanian wilderness.

Madman Entertainment
Available on DVD ($34.95) and Blu-Ray (39.95).

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