The joy of Harry

Even if you haven’t read the books, the hype surrounding the release of the last movie in the Harry Potter franchise won’t have passed you by. The seven beautifully written books about a young wizard, begrudgingly taken in by his mother’s family after the death of his parents in a bizarre witch hunt (quite literally), then rescued by the wizarding fraternity to fulfill his prophecy have been serialised in eight feature length movies. Each movie has been met with growing anticipation and even the controversial decision to make the last book into two movies, couldn’t damped the ardor of true Potter fans.

I must confess to be being an avid reader of the Harry Potter books, enjoying the tale unfold as my son also grew to love them. The movies have been just as wonderful to see unfold on screen, no need to worry about nudity or bad language, just the black arts. As the story of how Harry, played by Daniel Radcliff in each movie, and his friends take on the evil wizard Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes), the movies in the series get gradually darker in nature, until it reaches the crescendo in the last movie.

All the favourite characters are there as good gets ready to battle evil in an attempt to save the wizarding community from oblivion. The final questions as to how Harry and Lord Voldemort have become so intrinsically linked are answered with great aplomb. This is the first movie which has been offered in 3D and apart from a few scenes, this wasn’t necessary to bring the true magic and scale of such a production to life. The performances are flawless, as you would now expect from actors who have played these parts so many times, yet there is no hint of boredom attached.

Apart from the fact that I didn’t want it to end, the only complaint I have is with the final scenes of the movie. I’m not against a happy ending in a movie but this was just a little too predictable and was surely devised to give fans hope of a new set of movies covering the next generation of wizarding children.

If you love Harry Potter what are you waiting for go see it. If you haven’t seen any of the previous movies, give them a try.

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