The power of words

Hardly in the first flush of youth at 95-years of age, Margueritte beguiles and entrances middle-aged Germain with her love of books and words. Through her readings she opens up the world of literature to this typical French oaf and a friendship blossoms.

Low in self-confidence and practically illiterate, Germain (Gérard Depardieu) is a middle-aged odd-job man, not exactly the ideal companion for the bright, articulate nonogenarian, Marguerite (Gisèle Casadesus). However, through her love of books and words, Marguerite reaches out to Germain and their friendhsip grows.

My afternoons with Marguerite explores the blossoming confidence and inquiring wonder which enriches Germain’s life, as he in turn spreads the joy of learning and reading with his brusque French acquaintances.

Marguerite’s sharp wit and intelligence is belied by her frail appearance and even though she is overshadowed by the large oafish Germain, she is far from intimidated by him.
Sentimental and charming, My afternoons with Marguerite is typical of French cinema, which manages the delicacy and simplicity of such a tale with ease.

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