Through a child’s eyes

I was just born when the first Toy Story movie came out but when I was able to watch television, me and my twin brother, Lachlan, used to love watching it and Toy Story 2 on DVD. He was very jealous when I was given the chance to go and see Toy Story 3.

Many of the characters from the first movies are not in the new version and I was surprised about this as I thought they were very funny. But I love Woody, Buzz, Mr & Mrs Potato Head and Slinky so much and they still made me laugh in this movie. There were also some new characters which I really liked, especially Ken, Barbie’s boyfriend, who was a little silly but made me giggle.

In the first movies Andy, the boy who owns the toys, was about my age (10) but now he has grown up and is going to college. His mum nags him about tidying his room and clearing out some of his toys and I know how he feels, my mum does this to me too! He doesn’t want to give up his favourite toys but knows he is really too old for them and can’t take them to college.

All the toys except Woody, get thrown out with the rubbish by mistake and, as Woody tries to rescue them, they only just miss being taken away by the garbage truck. All the toys hide in the boot of Andy’s mum car and find themselves donated to a childcare centre. Woody has to get back to Andy and leaves but he doesn’t quite make it and ends up with Bonnie, one of the kids at the centre. The other toys thing their troubles are over but the children in the toddler room are really rough and so they try to get moved to a nicer room. Some of the toys, like Lotso – a purple teddy bear – are mean and don’t want them in their room so Andy’s toys decide to escape. Thankfully Woody comes back to help them as he is really the smart one of them all.

Their plan doesn’t quite work and they find themselves in a tricky situation which they don’t like getting out of. Without spoiling it, they make it home to Andy’s house just before he goes to college. But their journey doesn’t end there. Andy understands that his toys need a new home and shouldn’t be stuck in the attic.

This made the adults in the cinema cry even though it was a happy ending. My mum explained that it made her think about the time when I would leave home and out grow all my toys.

Toy Story 3 was great and I would go and see it again. Maybe this time I’ll take Lachlan!

Reviewed by Elise Robertson

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