Worth the wait?

While some of you may question the need to make another Sex and the City movie or wonder just how much more Carrie and her cronies have to offer, predominantly female audiences are flocking to cinemas worldwide to see the next installment in the lives of the New York ladies who lunch.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I am a dyed-in-the-wool Sex and the City fan so my review may be a little biased. The much anticipated release (well for me and my friends anyway) finally came around on Wednesday evening and there we were, well heeled and ready to be wowed by fabulous un-wearable fashion and entertained by witty one liners.

Liza Minnelli kicked off the fun as a celebrant at a gay wedding (who else?) and then wowed the crowd with a rendition of a recent pop hit. Even though the jokes were predictable, they still raised a chuckle from the audience. Let’s not pretend that this movie was ever going to be a cinematic masterpiece with a wonderfully written storyline – that’s not what the target audience of this movie wants. Watching the lives and loves of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda unfold in front of your eyes is as much as anyone going to see the movie will require.

In Sex and the City 2, the girls uproot themselves from their beloved New York, leaving behind husbands, children and careers to soak up the sun in the new emerging jewel of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi. This is where Samantha, (Kim Cattrell) comes into her own. Convinced she has a sure-fire way of keeping menopause symptoms at bay, Samantha has her stash of hot-flash fighting potions and lotions confiscated at the Abu Dhabi customs. In raging heat, she not only has to combat her rising hormonal temperature but also her lust for the sexy Danish Architect she encounters in the desert. In a strictly Muslim country, you can guess the outcome of Samantha’s unbridled passion.

There is so much other stuff going on in this movie, none of it covered in any great detail or with real conviction. This movie is longer than it needs to be, Carrie Bradshaw should have been retired to the happily-married-ladies home and the other characters should have be given more prominence as they are infinitely more interesting. But for all those flaws, would I watch it again? You bet I would!

Reviewed by Debbie McTaggart

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