Debbie reviews 'Quartet', Dustin Hoffman’s film directorial debut


Dustin Hoffman has taken to his directorial debut like the proverbial duck to water and has managed to pull together some of the biggest names in British cinema in this all-round 'nice' movie.

'Nice' is by no means the right word to use for this touching and beautiful movie, but in a world of superlatives, sometimes keeping it simple is the best option. And that's exactly what Dustin Hoffman has done with Quartet. Set in a home for retired artistes, the terrific ensemble cast, believable storyline and stunning country house backdrop are all the stars of the show.

Billy Connelly provides the laughs as exuberant Wilf; his inappropriate innuendoes bring a little colour to the residents’ lives. Pauline Collins plays Cissy, whose mind is wandering, but who is involved in just about every committee there is and Tom Courtney as Reginald rounds off their cosy trio. 

Cedric (Michael Gambon) is superb as the bossy patriarch who is overseeing the planning of the gala performance, which is designed to make enough money to keep the home going. He thinks all his prayers have been answered when supremo diva Jean (Maggie Smith) checks in, but his hopes are soon dashed when it becomes clear Reginald isn't happy about her arrival.

Set in the picturesque Hedsor House, Buckingham, Quartet is a surprisingly enjoyable movie which will bring a few tears of joy to those prone to showing emotion.

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    23rd May 2013
    Watched the movie last week and it a delight not only to see the calibre of the artists in the movie but the fact that there was no violence or outrageous and gratiutious swearing - was not aware that there is 'retirement' facilities for artists - do we have any here in Australia or do these folk just have to join the general queue to get a placement
    23rd May 2013
    i am really looking forward to seeing this movie many thanks for the ip
    23rd May 2013
    This film is great fun. It has already done the circuit of the cinemas in Australia. Probably available now on DVD. It was followed not soon after by another though more serious film called 'Performance' . Its original title was 'The Late Quartet' but had a change of name here so as not to confuse the public with the Dustin Hoffman film. Both worth seeing. Will38
    Nan Norma
    23rd May 2013
    A pleasant movie, quite enjoyable, but not the The Best Marigold Hotel.
    23rd May 2013
    More movies like this please.....

    24th May 2013
    I saw this film over a month ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The acting of course was top notch, casting on the ball, Maggie Smith can turn her head to anything that is offered, and Billy C offering the cheeky one liners, and I thoroughly recommend it. As Phil above says, more movies like this , please .........
    26th May 2013
    What a feel good movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I am now going to get the DVD so I can watch something decent on the telly and not have to put up with all the rubbish. I also recommend the movie Under the Tuscan Sun, fantastic.
    Nan Norma
    26th May 2013
    Hola, that was a nice movie. I'm sure you'd enjoy Tea with Mussolini. Maggie smith is in that too.

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