90-years young

We love to hear your inspirational stories and we were delighted to receive YOURLifeChoices subscriber Kerrie’s tale on how her father is 90-years young and really does live life to the full.

My father has always had the mindset and attitude that age is just a number and his motto that he lives by is ‘act young, ‘think young, be young’ and this attitude, along with living a healthy lifestyle has indeed proved him right.

Nothing has ever stopped dad from trying new things throughout his life.

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This month dad will be turning 90 years ‘young’, although dad will not like to admit his age, if anyone is to ask him his age his usual answer is “I am 50 something” or “I am 50 plus GST, or what ever you want to add to it!!”. His age won’t stop him and in October this year,  dad is heading off to tour theUKfor a month along with his two daughters, son-in-law and grandson. All  of them are looking forward to spending the invaluable time with dad as he indeed is full of energy and ‘attitude’ which makes travel much more exciting.

Dad’s life has not been easy for him, he and mum both had more than their fair share of heartache and difficulties, but the mindset that dad consistently demonstrates has helped him through any challenges and adversities he has faced or perhaps still may face in life.

My father is a ‘gentleman’ and indeed a true gentleman. He tips his hat, stands when a lady enters the room, insists on walking on the outside of the footpath when walking with a female, and is polite and kind. These qualities are very rare these days and just some of the traits which make being in his presence so appealing.


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