Losing concentration? Try this

We all have days when our ability to focus on our tasks is more difficult than usual. Our modern lifestyles could be to blame, with multitasking now an expected way of life and with the multitude of distractions around us. It could also be that we’re not really into the tasks at hand. But if you find you’re losing focus far too often, these seven tips are sure to help.

Regular exercise is good for both body and brain health, and can kickstart your concentration and boost your memory. It might be as simple as a brisk 10-minute walk to get the oxygen flowing. You don’t have to break into a sweat, although that can release tension and help you think more clearly. Also, fresh air and a few deep breaths also stimulate the brain.

Get a good night’s sleep
Not getting enough sleep can cause poor concentration, but prolonged sleep loss can cause major health issues, including high blood pressure, stroke and depression. Try to get a solid seven to eight hours sleep each night.

Have a coffee
In moderate amounts, caffeine can help to increase your focus, especially when you are feeling tired. Watch out, though, as too much caffeine can reduce your ability to concentrate.

Meditation involves a great deal of concentration and is an excellent way to enhance your focus. Just 20 minutes of meditation per day, four days a week will improve your cognitive skills.

Minimise multitasking
You may think multitasking is a valued skill, but staying focused on one task at a time is actually more efficient. By working on one thing at a time you may be surprised by how much your productivity levels increase.

Brain training
Playing games such as sudoku, completing a daily crossword or signing up to a free brain training app such as Luminosity – which offers three games per day – can improve your memory and increase your focus. Just like any other muscle in your body your brain benefits from exercise.

Write a to-do list
Writing down the tasks you need to complete will help you to stay focused and prioritise the things you want to get done. By having a written list you will not forget any tasks.

Are you easily distracted? Is your concentration not what it used to be? Have you tried any of these tips?

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Disclaimer: This article contains general information about health issues and is not advice. For health advice, consult your medical practitioner.

Written by Andrea