More language misuse

Liked your article about English language erosion and misuse.

How are these for size?

“A bit unique … more unique … most unique”??? Do these morons know what the word means?? Unique cannot be qualified, otherwise 10 or more numbers (or even ONE) past infinity would be possible. WHAT???

Here’s one I really love (NOT!!!) from our politicians “… this is a nonsense!” A nonsense???? Surely THAT’s nonsense. Is there a B or C or D etc. nonsense etc.??? OK let’s try some PIC not PC ‘politically correct’ but ‘politically Incorrect’. I know it’s now out there by the bucket load, but let’s explore Chairman.

As the word’s meaning is really Chair Manager, and the PC loopies don’t know that, but there they go calling the individual running a meeting a ‘Chairperson’ thereby suggesting that the meeting is managed or controlled by a chair! What worse, if avoiding using the male reference of MAN in manager is sought then why in God’s green earth call them (Male, Female or otherwise) a Chair PerSON, thereby referencing a MALE CHILD. I can accept the term, having been abbreviated from Chair Manager to Chairman, to in future be simply ‘Chair’ thereby avoiding any gender reference.  (I hope the Chairs, seats and stools of the World are not objecting to discrimination.)

If we must emasculate male preferences in the wonderful English language, what word do we use for bed linen Personchester??? I suppose I mustn’t mention (Oops) person-tion such words as menstruation, manipulate or boycott!  What about a Life Buoy (sometimes pronounced ‘booey’)? Should we now have a Life Person??

Enough of my disgust and anger. Hoping you may be able to consider my thoughts on the matter.

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