15 Fashion fixes

Save your favourite wardrobe pieces with these fifteen household fashion fixes.

15 Fashion fixes

It is not very often I say this but sometimes shopping is not the answer. Do you have stains on your favourite shoes or clothes? Before you throw them in the bin and hit the shops to replace them, check out the below fifteen household items that could literally be their saviour. The best part? You should have most of them lying around the house anyway!

  1. Bread crust

Use the crust of stale bread to gently rub and remove dirt stains off suede.

  1. Graphite pencil

Fix a zipper that is stuck by rubbing the teeth with the tip of a graphite pencil.

  1. Moisturiser

Scratches on leather? Use a small amount of moisturiser on a cotton tip to gently rub the leather until the scratch is gone.

  1. Salad spinner

Dry hand-washed clothes with a salad spinner.

  1. Baby powder

Remove oil stains from clothing or a purse by applying baby powder and leaving it overnight.

  1. Hairdryer

If you have shoes that are stiff or a little snug, put them on with socks and then use your hairdryer to blowdry them so they soften and stretch.

  1. Vinegar
  • Ensure dark jeans don’t fade by adding ½ cup of distilled white vinegar at the final rinse cycle of their wash.
  • Remove water stains off leather by scrubbing with a mix of vinegar and water.

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    28th Mar 2014
    I was told in the chemists and shoe shop to clean my homyped tan coloured canvas shoes with soap and water, as some grass stains and wet soil had blackened them, I did exactly that, and now they are worse and really stained. They cost me $89.00 last Christmas, they are comfy being homypeds, but now look revolting. I would appreciate any ideas to fix it and clean it up. Thank you.
    31st Mar 2014
    I use a dampened cloth or sponge with eucalyptus to clean my suede shoes. It works for me.

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