The shoe style you’ll see everywhere in 2017

They may not be practical but there’s no stopping these shoes.

The shoe style you’ll see everywhere in 2017

In case you haven’t already noticed, the backs seem to be disappearing off shoes. What started in a relatively sneaky way with designers sending models down catwalks and styling them in photos with the back strap of their shoes tucked under their heels, has ended with said backs being removed altogether.

While no doubt completely impractical, the mule is here to stay regardless. In fact, if 2016 was the year of the OTK boot – that’s ‘over the knee’ for those who didn’t care to partake in this somewhat tricky trend – 2017 is the year of the mule.

The good news is that while clearly not the best choice for the cooler months, mules are certainly effortless shoes – you only have to slip them on, and off you go. Thankfully, given it’s only March you still have a few months to test this trend before hibernating your mules until spring.

Here are five of our favourite ways to embrace 2017’s ‘it’ shoe:

Backless Loafer
Sportsgirl, Kimberley Slide Loafer, $69.95


Slight heel

Glassons, Slide on Mule, $59.99



Seed Heritage, Clare Mule Espadrille, $89.95



Rubi Shoes, Claire Trim Loafer Mule, $39.95


Classic Black

Topshop, Novel Square Toe Mules, $90


As someone who never thought this trend would win me over, don’t be surprised if you suddenly look down one day and find a pair of mules on your feet. Be warned they’re likely to become a year-round staple in your shoe collection. I have found myself dodging puddles in mine refusing to let the London rain win. And, if you want to wear them well into winter, the good news is they’ve been spotted paired with socks or fishnets at most of the fashion weeks!



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    17th Mar 2017
    Have tried them in the past, and can't keep them on my feet - I take a step forward and the shoe stays behind! Or else my feet slide through the open ones, and my toes hang out over the front! Not for me!!

    17th Mar 2017
    They are work safe even in an office. They give you feet calluses. Sandals with a back are better.
    17th Mar 2017
    Always impractical, these shoes become more dangerous as we age. We have enough fall risks without inviting trouble with slip on shoes. They might be tempting for those who have trouble bending but far better to invest in a long-handled shoe horn. Could we please have more age-appropriate fashion commentary?
    17th Mar 2017
    I agree Eclair. A feature on attractive orthotic friendly shoes would be much better, or walking shoes which are an alternative to joggers. I've had mules in the past and they are just too hard to walk in at any age.
    17th Mar 2017
    This site is for retirees. Flat and good support - sad really but its better than hobbling around looking ridiculous.
    Also elderly ladies tend to have cracked and tired heels - its much prettier to have them covered.
    17th Mar 2017
    I've got lots of 'mules' and other slip on shoes in my wardrobe, but I wouldn't be seen dead in any of the ones you've pictured. Ugly! Shoes should be attractive and fun to wear (and practical when necessary).
    17th Mar 2017
    Totally agree. The only time you would see these ugly things on my feet is if someone put them on me in my coffin! Point raised about difficulty wearing, feet slipping fwd trying to get out thru the toe is my experience also. I say to hell with fashion - it's only a money making exercise. Wear what looks good on you, and you are comfortable in - don't need to line other peoples' pockets.
    17th Mar 2017
    Once upon a time these shoes were known as 'f**k-me-quicks'. So everything old is new again.
    17th Mar 2017
    These are certainly not new. I have mules sitting in the back of my wardrobe now and there's a reason they are still in excellent condition......they are not user friendly. Give me heels or slingbacks any day
    fish head
    17th Mar 2017
    Ladies, thank you.I thought I just had weird- shaped feet; I cannot walk in them although thongs are fine. I no longer feel alone.

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