Top 10 winter scarves

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When the thermostat drops it is tempting to make like a bear and hibernate at home. It also becomes more appealing to migrate towards all black ensembles, if you do indeed manage to get out of your ‘comfort’ clothes and the house. But there’s no reason for your outfit to be as bleak as the weather outside. Staying warm has never been so stylish with these top 10 winter scarves. The best part? With none of them over $50, they won’t break the bank.

Not sure how to wear your scarf? Why not watch this great video on 25 ways to tie a scarf.

  1. Sportsgirl, Biba Girl Pattern Scarf, $29.95

  1. Cotton On, Rio Lightweight Scarf, $14.95

  1. Seed, Weave Knit Snood, $49.95

  1. Decjuba, Tegan Metallic Scarf, $39.95

  1. Bardot, Lowlands Scarf, $29.95

Click NEXT for five more scarves under $50.

  1. Glassons, Oversized Scarf, $19.99

  1. Kookai, Brooklyn Scarf, $45.00

  1. ASOS, Pieces Et Stripe Scarf, $29.41

  1. Witchery, Soft Jersey Scarf, $19.95

  1.  Gregory Ladner, Multi Pleat Oblong Scarf, $20


Written by SJ


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