Warm hands, warm heart

We all know that feeling when your hands are so cold that basic tasks become painful; opening containers for example. Even if you are fortunate enough not to live in areas with particularly cold winters, you will most likely visit them at some point in your life. A good pair of gloves can last you many years and, if you live in Melbourne or Hobart, is non-negotiable from now until September!

Gloves: the name itself sums up my feelings – love. This morning I went for a walk with my friend. This was actually a much bigger deal than it sounds given the single digit temperature, impending rain and icy winds. An hour later I arrived home fairly warm, given my outfit was not dissimilar to a snowsuit, aside from my hands, which appeared to have frozen at some point.  Cue the realisation that glove season is upon us.

Today I look at some of the different types of gloves and their various merits. Buying gloves used to be fairly straightforward but the arrival of many touchscreen smartphones has made it a more difficult task, to say the least.

Leather gloves
My personal favourite, leather gloves are by far the most stylish of the glove family. Perfect for evening events they are warm and will hold their condition much better than most other fibres. I’ve also found it is possible to continue to use your touch screen phone as leather is still a ‘skin’ of some variety. NB; this does require a high level of concentration and patience and it may be argued it’s easier just to remove said glove.

ASOS, Dents Silk Lined Leather Gloves, $96.95

Target, Leather Crop Gloves, $30


As modelled by many children’s cartoon characters mittens are indisputably the cutest member of the glove family. They are also very easy to get on and off.  Unfortunately once on, they do make life slightly more difficult as you essentially now have a paw as opposed to five functioning fingers. Recommended for those who like a challenge.

The Iconic, G-Star Raw Alpine Kittens, $60

ASOS, Adidas Originals, Mittens $16.72


Fingerless gloves
Arguably the least fashionable glove you can get. Despite it’s shortcomings in the style department it probably takes out the title of most functional glove. Allows you access to five functional fingers with the added bonus of fingerprints. A required taste, but excellent for those who cannot live without their touchscreen and/or those of us who require fingerprint access to rooms (read secret agents).

The Iconic, 1&20 Blackbirds, Fingerless Gloves $14.95

ASOS, Fairisle Fingerless Gloves, $6.69

Convertible gloves
The most flexible member of the glove family, convertible gloves have little hoods so you can keep your fingertips warm and then BAM, out they pop when you need them. Very handy, excuse the pun, and more stylish than fingerless gloves, these give you the best of both worlds.

Glassons, Fingerless Hood Gloves, $13

Written by SJ