Apply your makeup to look younger

Makeup has the power to transform and, with the right tips and tricks, you can wind back the clock and become a younger version of yourself.

Choose the right foundation
Luckily for women aged over 50, selecting a cream or powder foundation becomes easier with age. Instead of wondering if you’re a spring or autumn with pink or neutral tones, simply default to a slightly yellow undertone as most women look best with a warmer shade as they mature.

Skip the powder
As we age, the oil produced by our skin dries up so when we use powder on our faces it can look dry and dusty on our skin. Before applying any makeup at all, apply moisturiser to dry or dehydrated areas. Use a cream foundation and finish your base layer with a setting spray instead of powder.

Avoid dry blush formulas that emphasise your wrinkles and stick in crevices. Go with cream formulas, they usually last longer than the powdered blushes, anyway.

Take care of your eyelashes
Another side effect of ageing is the loss and thinning of our eyelashes. One thing that will help to slow down this process is to remove all your eye makeup and mascara every night and keep your lashes conditioned. A simple and effective way to do this is to use baby oil. Once you have removed all your makeup, place a few drops of baby oil on a cotton pad and swipe gently around your eyes.

Highlight your eyes
If you have noticed your eyes are starting to droop, an easy trick is to use a business or credit card and place it at an angle up and out from the outer corner of your eye. Apply your eye shadow and eyeliner without going too low as this will drag your eye down.

Contour your lips
Shadows can be caused by lines, hollowness or sagging around your mouth. Make your lips stand out by obscuring the area around your mouth. After applying your lipstick and blotting it with a tissue, apply two to four small dots of concealer on your lips, then use a brush to blend it into your lipstick, for a softer contrast with your surrounding skin.

Do you have any makeup tips or tricks to share?

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