Are you making these style mistakes?

Even the most stylish women are guilty of making these common mistakes.

Senior woman looks through her wardrobe to select an outfit

While I am firmly of the belief that rules are made to be broken when it comes to fashion, with it being an extension of your individual style and personality. However, there are some guidelines, if you will, that still have a place no matter your taste.

These five common style mistakes are all too easy to make. So much so you’re probably making at least one of them without even realising. Because knowledge is indeed power, we thought we’d point them out, so we can all get on with being the most stylish versions of ourselves.

1. Styling for a different season

The weather has been doing weird things over the past few years, and no doubt that floral dress is both fun and flirty, but don’t make the mistake of dressing for winter in summer and vice versa. Not only will you just look plain silly – we’re sorry but the truth hurts – but you will also most likely feel uncomfortable when you end up freezing or sweating your way through the wrong temps.

2. Failing to tailor

With so many clothing options around, it’s easy to forget that they are designed for set sizes, not individual needs. In fact, it’s really something of a miracle if you are able to find clothes that fit you perfectly off the rack. If you love something but it doesn’t fit you quite right, take the time to get it altered. It will make the world of difference and can completely transform an item.

3. Forgetting that what’s on the inside counts

Your underwear can make or break an outfit. Do not underestimate this. If your underwear seams cut you in the wrong places or create bulges it will distract from your outfit, no matter how stylish. The same goes for your bra – think about where the straps sit and how the cups will make your bust look under your top. There are different styles of underwear for a reason. Remember there’s nothing wrong with using ‘spanks’ or other supportive underwear if it makes you feel better and fixes the way your clothes fit and fall.

4. Repeat purchasing

I am 100 per cent guilty as charged on this point. One of the easiest mistakes to unconsciously make is buying an endless supply of an item, just because it looks good on you. For me, it’s stripes. I love them and wear them to death, but even then, eight striped tops seems a bit excessive … If you favour a particular pattern or item, invest in a quality piece, rather than bulk-buying every version, so it will have a longer lifespan.

How many of these style mistakes are you guilty of making? Do you have any others to add to the list?  



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    Nan Norma
    5th Aug 2016
    1. Is obvious. If you don't know by now you never will. 2. If it doesn't fit, I don't by it. 3. I'm honest enough at my age , and shape I'm limited in what underwear I can wear. 4.Its not so much my clothes wear out, as I get sick of seeing them. So I'd rather have eight tops than one that lasts for ever.

    5th Aug 2016
    Is this really relevant for the oldies?
    5th Aug 2016
    Its so relevant -and so difficult.
    I know exactly what material, what style, and how it should be tailored. You would think it would be easy - but no.
    I want trousers with a high waist no zip at the front or back. I want tops made of natural material that finish low on my hips not high. I want a tailored longer length cardigan. I don't want to look like I am dressed in a large sack. Its not rocket science but its incredibly hard to find. I want comfortable clothes that look good - not track suit sloppies.
    I have made the mistake of buying online too many times. I think I have had a 98% failure rate.
    5th Aug 2016
    Rosret I know what you mean I am one size at the top and another at the bottom. Online clothes sizes cannot be guaranteed and the sizes of what clothes are in the shops nowadays are certainly not like they used to be. Clothes shopping is a hard job even the better names are made in china and leave a lot to be desired.
    Polly Esther
    5th Aug 2016
    relevant for the oldies? - yes it certainly is and why not?
    Any how at what particular age does one become labelled as an oldie?
    5th Aug 2016
    1) GUILTY - and I don't care, as long as I wear a long cardi to help with the 4.30pm chill.
    2) Not guilty - if it doesn't fit properly, I do not buy it.
    3) Not guilty - I now buy quality underwear - took me 30 years, but I have to now!
    4) GUILTY - If a dress is perfect in every detail then I stock up, variety is the spice of fashion!!!
    5th Aug 2016
    Something for the men please. Not all of us have another half to advise.
    7th Aug 2016
    Whilst I agree the article is focused upon women's wardrobe - clothing isues, I'd say that men could also be more selective and careful re clothing purchases, especially no. 5 repeat purchases.

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