Up to 40 per cent off Australia’s #1 hemp skincare range

If you’re looking to clear up your skin or keep it looking as young as possible, and don’t want to apply foreign substances to your body, then you should give hemp skincare a go.

Hemp skincare is growing in popularity around the globe. The ‘infamous’ oils derived from cannabis plants have been found to drastically improve various skin conditions thanks to the plants ability to reduce sebum production and anti-inflammatory elements.

Studies have shown that hemp seed oil and CBD stop sebaceous glands from producing excessive sebum, which stops the activation of acne properties such as inflammatory cytokines.

In addition, hemp seed oil has also been shown to help relieve dermatitis and psoriasis symptoms due to hydration properties.

The high levels of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids make hemp seed oil the perfect complement to your skin care creams, which help with collagen production. Collagen plays a vital role in keeping your skin elastic and looking youthful.

For a very short time, YourLifeChoices members can experience the rejuvenating and soothing qualities of hemp-based skincare, with up to 40 per cent of these Hey Bud products:

Detoxifying Hemp Clay Mask

  • Australia’s #1 hemp clay mask*
  • Results in just one week*
  • 92 per cent saw an improvement in their skin within 30 days*

Hydrating Facial Moisturiser

  • Customers saw a 80 per cent improvement in skin hydration in 30 days*
  • Customers saw a 86 per cent improvement in skin redness in 30 days*

Glowing Face Oil

  • Customers saw a 73 per cent improvement in dry skin in 30 days*
  • Customer saw a 78 per cent improvement in fine lines and wrinkles in 30 days*

*Data results from annual customer review survey

Plus up to 40 per cent off two of Hey Bud’s brand new products – Daily Hemp Gel Cleanser and the Hyaluronic Acid + Hemp Serum – as well as a bunch of bundles that will save you even more!.

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