A barber’s tips for cutting your hair and shaving at home

It may not be the time for a drastic new look, but here’s how a tidy-up might help.

DIY hair styling

Some hairdressers and barbers have stayed open during the lockdown, but if you haven't wanted to risk leaving the house here are some tips on how to cut your hair at home.

Short hair especially can be very noticeable when it becomes too long. If you’re thinking of giving yourself a chop at home, there are a few things Anthony Laban from the Anthony Laban Barbershop wants you to know.

First thing’s first, Mr Laban says: “Don’t do it yourself – even barbers get someone else to cut their hair.” So, if you’re currently living with other people, definitely ask for their help – particularly for the bits round the back that you can’t see yourself. Unfortunately, this isn’t an option for people who live alone.

While a lot of men have opted to shave their heads entirely (a straightforward solution to the problem), Mr Laban says: “Remember, now is not the time for a ‘new style’ – just trim. Don’t get carried away!”

Mr Laban advises trimming around the collar, then moving on to near the ears. “Go lightly,” he says, “this should give you an idea how much to cut off the rest.”

The barber’s top tip is “comb hair directly away from the head”, and try to keep everything even. Go gently – particularly if this is your first time cutting your own hair or someone else’s – as it’s easier to trim as you go, than fix things if you hack too much off. Laban says: “Lockdown is not forever, and within a few weeks you’ll hopefully be back in your barber’s chair.”

Most men are so used to the process of shaving they don’t really give it much thought. Lockdown is a good opportunity to see if you can grow out that beard, or better yet, actually enjoy the ritual of shaving.

First, Mr Laban says: “Exfoliate – really scrub! If you haven’t got an exfoliator, use soap and really lather up.” Then run a flannel under a hot tap and wrap it around your stubble – this will help open up your pores.

Next, he advises rubbing oil into the stubble, followed by lathering up soap. Then it’s time to shave: “Keep the razor clean under a running hot tap, and shave with the growth.” Repeat the process again, this time shaving against the growth.

When you’re done, “run a flannel under a cold tap”, Mr Laban says, and wrap it around your face – this will help close the pores and minimise any redness.

“Finally, moisturise,” he says. “Slather on the moisturiser and treat yourself to one last hot towel to get the cream deep into your skin. Apply aftershave if you feel the urge – treat yourself!”

Are you holding out to get back to the barber’s chair or will you be trying a DIY haircut?

(With PA)

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    Horace Cope
    28th Apr 2020
    I am an autotonsorialist and have been for over a year. I purchased the VS Sassoon Crew Cut Hair Clipper set and it works for me.
    28th Apr 2020
    Why don’t you just say you’ve been cutting your own hair for a while!
    28th Apr 2020
    apply moisturiser to your face, bloody hell how soft have we got....just have a shave or grow a beard, blokes have been doing it since blokes climbed out of the trees, it aint hard.
    29th Apr 2020
    If you live in Queensland, you should lightly apply a moisturiser.. If you decide not to, then take a photo of your face now and compare it in 40 years after living in Qld..
    29th Apr 2020
    I wont be around in 40 years FrankC to see the difference but I'm sure 40 years wear and tear on the dial will not be beneficial to your modeling job prospects wherever you live :)
    29th Apr 2020
    Oh yeah, modelling haha, I'm 78 , mate.
    30th Apr 2020
    My Mum used to cut my hair. She did a better job than the hairdresser according to my Aunty. She did it the first time when I had been sick with tonsillitis off and on for a few weeks. They next time she took me to the hairdresser and my Aunty wanted to know what hat happened to my hair. Other people who didn't know her made a similar comment. Eventually I cut hers too. All the hairdressers pushed her head and neck around too much instead of asking her to do so

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