Don’t let this summer stink

Hot weather doesn’t have to mean sweat patches and stinky shoes.

Woman with red hair smelling armpit

With the weather finally warming up the first signs of summer are here. It’s time to pack away heavy winter coats, boots and wear fewer layers. Summer dressing is arguably a lot easier and less time consuming than working out what to wear during the colder months.

There is one obvious downside though. Hotter weather means hotter bodies and, while it may not be glamorous, it’s only natural that we sweat more in summer. So how do you combat tainting your favourite clothes and shoes with sweat stains and unwanted smells? We’ve got a few tips to keep you smelling sweet this summer.

Whether you’re wearing sneakers or flat shoes, closed shoes in summer can often end up smelling pretty undesirable. Try to wear socks/sockettes where possible and make sure these are 100 per cent cotton so the feet can breathe as much as possible.

After you take your shoes off at night place a dry tea bag (doesn’t matter which variety) in each of your shoes. The tea bag will absorb any lingering odours so your shoes are left stink-free!


Panty liners
So there are dedicated shields you can buy now to stop sweat patches, but a thin panty liner will also work. Simply attach to jackets or long sleeve tops under the arm and the panty liner will absorb wet patches. Make sure it’s firmly attached though so it doesn’t make any embarrassing appearances.

Stain removers
Got an ugly yellow sweat stain on your favourite white top? Try any of the following to remove it:

Aspirin: crush two aspirins and mix with ½ cup warm water. Soak the stained part of the garment in the solution for two to three hours.

Salt: four tablespoons of salt dissolved in one litre of hot watcr makes a powerful solution against yellow stains. Simply sponge the item until the stain disappears.

Lemon: squeeze a lemon and mix the juice with an equal part of water before scrubbing away at the sweat stain.

Vinegar: pour a small amount of white vinegar directly onto the stain and rub it into the fabric before washing as normal.

Not just for drinking, vodka is a nifty way of removing odours from clothes, like those under the arms of jackets and coats. Transfer some vodka into a spray bottle and spray the garment on both sides at the site of the odour until the fabric is saturated. Leave overnight and in the morning the offending smell should be gone. It is a good idea to patch test on an inconspicuous area of your garment first.

Do you have any other tips to add to have a sweet smelling summer?



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    28th Oct 2016
    Come on Sue, you of all people should know better.

    Wear COTTON garments and socks and leather shoes. Problem all but gone. And then look at your practical solutions for further improvements.

    We are hostages to the world of fashion and this means we wear unsuitable items made of man made materials which are not serviceable in hot climates.
    1st Nov 2016
    I agree, I think we need to let the suppliers of clothing in Australia know what we want. Australian cotton, preferable organic. Bamboo when it becomes cheaper and linen.
    28th Oct 2016
    I totally agree Mick. However it is practically impossible to find quality cotton clothing for women that doesn't require one to be a slave to the ironing board. To even get a partial cotton component in ladies tops is getting harder and harder. Also it seems a lot of the styles must be created down south as there are very few stylish sleeveless cotton or cotton content tops available in Brisbane. I personally feel this could be one of the reasons retail are doing it so tough - inappropriate clothing/fabric for the climate. I am refusing to buy what is available at present but may run out of clothes eventually. And as for wearing a pretty scarf to dress up an ordinary cotton T-shirt in Summer, well forget it unless you want to pass out from heat stroke. I have been waiting a long time for a solution to this dilemma but the situation only seems to be getting worse.
    28th Oct 2016
    Ahhhh...the ironing board. I guess we all have life choices to make and trade-offs to endure.
    I refuse to wear anything other than cotton in summer as I hate the extreme heat. Sort of works.
    1st Nov 2016
    Linen is a good choice too. Shop online and you might find what you are after, but please check that they have put 100% cotton or linen otherwise they have to allow you to return for free and get a refund.
    To avoid ironing, don't wring your clothes hang out wet in summer.

    28th Oct 2016
    1st Nov 2016
    Good choice, but still expensive, hopefully will come down in price. I prefer organic cotton. I buy the organic t'shirts at Best and Less for $8 except check labels a few colours have polyester in them as well.
    28th Oct 2016
    Instead of vodka I've been using white vinegar as a deodoriser in exactly the same way as you describe. Makes it a lot cheaper and saves the vodka for drinking!
    28th Oct 2016
    Umm, a shower, deodorant and wash clothes after wearing. Works a treat!
    1st Nov 2016
    Check out a natural deodorant like 'woohoo' from happy, a lot of supermarket brands have too many chemicals and they actually make your body sweat by trying to detox the irritants.
    1st Nov 2016
    Lucky for me I don't sweat, maybe because I have a healthy diet. But if I did I would use a natural deodorant rather than a chemical laden one. Also natural clothing where your body can breathe is very important too.

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