10 tips for trans-seasonal dressing

Trans-seasonal dressing can be tricky. One minute you’re ripping off layers because you’re hot, the next you can’t pile them on fast enough for fear of freezing. Here I share with you my top 10 ways to master trans-seasonal dressing and fix your climate control dilemmas once and for all.

One: A leather jacket is for all seasons
Almost. Obviously you probably couldn’t think of anything worse during high summer when even at night temperatures can still be in the 30s. However, for spring and autumn a leather jacket is the perfect way to stay warm and still look smart. Throw over a summer dress when the temperature starts to drop and you’re set.

Two: Multipurpose scarves
An oversized scarf is your number one essential for trans-seasonal dressing and when I say oversized, I mean really oversized. The idea is said scarf can double as a shawl to keep your shoulders warm if need be or even a blanket when travelling. Oversized scarfs have been my lifesaver on recent trips, particularly on freezing planes!

Three: Pick your poison
In my experience I always find it is best to pick one ‘area of exposure’ for an outfit. For example if I am wearing a skirt, shorts or a dress I will ensure I have long sleeves on. Or if I am wearing jeans I will go for a t-shirt or singlet up top. This is an easy way to master trans-seasonal dressing as worst case scenario only half of you can be cold!

Four: Lighten up jackets
A lightweight silk jacket is a staple piece in your trans-seasonal wardrobe. Wear with jeans, over a dress, or with a top and skirt for that little bit of extra warmth.

Five: Don’t ditch the jeans
Just yet. Jeans are a great way to keep your legs warm while allowing you to wear a more lightweight top such as a silk camisole or blouse.

Six: Lesson in layering
Layering is a term that is thrown around a lot in the fashion world. However it still has some credibility. Layering clothing such as a jacket over a lightweight knit over a singlet is a good way to stay warm with the option of removing a layer or two if the weather heats up.

Seven: Trade your jumpers for knits
Yes there is a difference. Jumpers can often be heavy and bulky which is great for winter but can be a bit much for warmer weather. Invest in a good lightweight knit made from 100 percent cotton or a cotton/linen blend. Knits are perfect to throw on at night over your outfit when the weather cools down.

Eight: Socks are your best friend
Personally I find if my feet are cold, there is 100 percent chance I will be cold. For mild days wear ankle boots or sneakers with pretty lightweight dresses or skirts. This is an edgy look that also allows you to keep wearing some of your more heavy duty footwear.

Nine: Unbutton your shirt
Shirts are a fantastic option for wearing as an alternative to a jacket. Wear a denim or linen shirt undone over a singlet or camisole to avoid your arms getting chilly.

Ten: Invest in cashmere
Yes cashmere is expensive, however I can honestly say in terms of cost per wear it’s worth it. Invest in a cashmere jumper or cardigan and you will thank yourself a hundred times over. You may even be able to pick one up on sale as we move into the warmer months. Carry with you to pull on over spring/summer outfits at night or in air conditioning. 

Written by SJ