2014’s best dressed

In the year the midriff returned with a vengeance, there was one clear winner when it came to who was best dressed.

In a unanimous vote from the YOURLifeChoices team, we’re sure you can guess the name on all of our lips – Amal Clooney. Turns out it wasn’t just the title of Mrs Clooney that made women worldwide jealous, but also her impeccable outfits. This stunning two-piece ensemble, complete with matching wide-brimmed hat, typifies her impeccable style.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton, followed closely in Mrs Clooney’s well-heeled footsteps. Barely putting a toe out of line, Kate consistently got it right when it came to the outfits she chose – with pieces she wore often selling out within hours of her appearing in them.

Another front-runner was Emma Watson who has grown up a lot since she first appeared in the Harry Potter movies. Sporting a new short ‘do, Emma proved she’s more than just a well-dressed, pretty face, by giving a great speech on feminism and equal rights for women in conjunction with the United Nations.

It would be impossible to have a best-dressed list without mentioning Meryl Streep. At age 65, the American actress still consistently steps out looking stylish, with her outfit from this year’s Oscars one of the best on the the red carpet.

Whether you love her or loath her, credit where credit’s due, Taylor Swift really stepped up her fashion game this year. If you haven’t watched it yet, the styling in her Blank Space video is incredible and had me wishing that gowns were appropriate attire for simply wearing around the house.

Who do you think was the best-dressed for 2014?

Written by SJ