The elegant tomboy: unpacking Lauren Hutton’s style

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As far as smart dressers go, they don’t come chicer than the distinct style of Lauren Hutton. Lauren’s go-to look is inspired by the masculine aesthetic yet remains elegant and soft. Well-known for her series of suit jackets and flats, you will never find overly tailored cuts – everything skims and sweeps the body, often finished with a nip at the waist. We may not be doing a lot of dressing up in these COVID days, but it never hurts to look and learn. Once famed for taking her clothes off, it’s Lauren’s effortless fashion sense that has cemented her as a style star in our eyes. Here are the reasons why.

One simple button. This is a style rule all must follow – if you’re wearing a single-breasted blazer, you either wear it open or only ever do up the middle button. Like Lauren, this gives the slightest of shape without being too flared. Remember to get the blazer well fitted in the shoulders but not the waistline if you can.

If you find greys a little washy on your skin but like the look, try them with some blush and lipstick.

This screen siren sticks to a narrow colour palette of mostly neutrals and will even wear the same colour top-to-toe at times. She doesn’t often wear a collared shirt with her two-piece outfits, her neat T-shirts bring the casual element into an otherwise corporate look. And not to mention the occasional trainer!

Taking the crown of casual chic fashion in her stride.

Crisp perfection! One of the more fitted looks. We love the addition of more white with the trainers. Very sharp.

Hats. We have no idea how but she can even make a bucket hat look chic. I guess we can just put this one down to the model Midas touch – wearing clothing for a living is usually due to the fact you can pull anything off. Lauren also looks very put together in a classic fedora hat worn with a tonal overcoat – the long dress and on-trend ankle boots give just the right amount of femininity.

Hats off to this look!

Even a bucket hat doesn’t look out of place. We also love the voluminous crisp white trench coat.

Fabrics are something that the American Gigolo actress takes note of, especially a touch of silk on occasion. Understanding the balance that a mix of materials can bring to another otherwise simple outfit is key to some of Lauren’s looks.

Sometimes the beauty of silk is in the way it falls.

Going all silk here required a touch of balance in these textured shoes. Anything shiny or strappy would have been too much.

Sticking to simple is best, Lauren will opt for a basic drape style for her scarves. Nothing tricky or over-the-top fancy, just wearable, understated and chic – Hutton style 101.

An unusual combination of print on print but sticking with subtle colours.

Colour does play an occasional role in Lauren’s wardrobe. Typically in the form of a bright accessory or a strategic sweater placed over the shoulder. Strong primary colours make the perfect refreshing break from neutrals.

It is easy being green when it’s the pop that brings an Audrey-style look to life.

Placed to look like it’s been casually strung over her shoulders, we know this cardigan is sitting precisely where it’s supposed to be.

Lastly, the belt. Big requires balance and a wrap-style obi belt can bring the final touch to a beautiful outfit. Try it over unconventional items like your jacket or cardigan if you are feeling too boxy and you might be pleasantly surprised by the ways you can wear a wrap belt.

This statement belt connects the black pants to the white top and makes the look a complete outfit.

If you’re trying out a belt over bulky items, the key is to not belt it too tight.

A summary of the long-lasting style of Lauren Hutton? Keep it simple. If there was a hall of fame for fashion longevity, Lauren would be the first inductee.

Are you still a faithful follower of fashion? Even if your outings are limited because of COVID restrictions?

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Rebecca O’Hearn has had a long career as a fashion and beauty editor at Yours, Woman’s Day and FHM magazines and has styled some of Australia’s most famous faces. Her mission now is to help women of all ages feel confident that their wardrobe and beauty choices are the best they can be. Her website is packed with fashion, beauty and styling tips.

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    One of the things I noticed in all these photos were the bare ankles and feet. My wife is recovering from having a skin cancer removed from her ankle, it has been very painful as the lesion was almost resting on bone. Her Dermatologist and Plastic Surgeon both told her that such conditions are not uncommon in women who slap sunscreen on their arms, shoulders and face but not the exposed parts of their lower limbs. Whereas men usually wear long trousers, socks and shoes ladies do not. Ladies advise your daughters and granddaughters to not forget to slip slop slap feet, ankles and legs if they are exposed to the Sun similar to Ms Hutton’s.

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      You are so right. Just a few years ago I had to have a nasty skin cancer removed from my lower leg, a couple of inches above the ankle. A large full thickness area of skin had to be removed, and a flap skin graft applied. A salutary lesson on too much sun exposure!



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