Inject some colour into your wardrobe

We all have a colour we tend to steer clear of when it comes to picking clothes. Maybe orange doesn’t match your skin tone, or green washes you out, but if you’re keen to up the intensity of your wardrobe, here’s how to be a little more adventurous without looking like a rainbow.

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Celebrity stylist Gayle Rinkoff – who has styled the likes of Dame Helen Mirren, Zoe Ball and Nadine Coyle – is keen to help us brighten everything up in manageable ways.

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Use colour to accessorise
Avoid feeling – and looking – overwhelmed by starting out slowly. “Introduce something small to your outfit in a bright colour,” says Ms Rinkoff. “It could be a scarf, a pair of socks, a belt or simply just painting your nails a brighter shade than your usual French manicure.” A brightly coloured bag or earrings would work too.

Ease into it
It’s tough going from nought to hot pink, so “wear your chosen coloured item a few times to get used to it and for other people to get used to seeing you in colour,” suggests Ms Rinkoff.

Don’t totally scrap neutrals
“If you are a lover of neutrals, you can still inject some colour by wearing khaki, blush pink, deep mustard or strong camel,” says Ms Rinkoff. It’s all about wearing what works for you. “It is a good way of adding some colour in a palette that you are comfortable with.”

Try prints
Prints can be your sartorial friend. “A good starting point to add some colour into your wardrobe is with a print on a neutral colour background,” notes Ms Rinkoff. “That way you are not completely in new territory. Think about what you like in a print; is it a floral, something abstract, geometric?”

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Notice what impact colour has on how you feel
What we wear should make us feel good about ourselves, and that can have as much to do with the colour as the cut and style. “If you do venture into wearing colour, think about how it made you feel that day and how many people noticed what you were wearing,” says Ms Rinkoff. “It’s amazing the impact colour has on positivity, and how this can change your mood.”

Experiment with multiple shades of one key colour
“If you want to achieve a tonal look, pick one colour and mix up various shades of the same hue,” says Ms Rinkoff. “This can look super chic and sophisticated.”

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Be brave – mix and match
“When you are feeling confident about wearing colour, try mixing patterns and prints,” says Ms Rinkoff. “If you choose a base colour that appears in both, it can be really effective.” Go on, you’ll brighten everyone’s day up.

Do you wear much colour? What’s your favourite colour to wear? Share how you incorporate colour into your wardrobe in the comments section below, you might inspire others.

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