One-size-fits-all miracle dress

Wrapt is what I am with Butter by Nadia’s signature jersey dress. I like to consider myself quite fashion forward, and I had certainly heard of the convertible or ‘magic’ dress before. However, I had always dismissed it as daggy. Until now. Major mistake. Our paths crossed again recently when I saw the convertible dress on one of my favourite bloggers and boy did she look good – the dress, that is.

This particular blogger was wearing Butter by Nadia’s Original Signature Wrap Dress in Jersey, however there are many similar versions out there (Google is your friend).

The dress claims to be able to be worn incalculable ways and “gets the job done”, whatever it may be. I like its attitude! Moreover, I like the idea of only taking one dress on holidays and being able to transition from work to social, day to night, without a complete costume change. An investment piece at $252, but when you break it down on a cost per wear basis it practically pays you rent for your wardrobe space.

Butter by Nadia even includes tips on how to style your convertible dress;


Not to mention videos on how to wrap like a pro!

Now the only problem is deciding what colour to purchase.

Written by SJ