The fashion trick you need for Autumn

I love a good styling or fashion trick. Especially when it doesn’t involve rushing out and buying more clothes but rather uses what you have in a smarter way. The latest trick I’ve come across pretty much had my full attention at the mention of food.

Coined the ‘sandwich trick’, you dress like a sandwich and instantly attract a crowd of carb-loving men (or women). I joke. But, seriously, the idea is that you choose a colour to act as your ‘bread’ this will form the foundation of your outfit. For Melbournians, this is usually black, but any neutral shade is a safe bet. Next, you choose another colour that will be your ‘filling’. Similar to any good sandwich, this filling should sit between the bread slices.

The overall effect is similar to the strikingness of a monochromatic outfit, but with an added element through the filling layer.

Here are some suggestions on how to execute the sandwich trick for your next outfit:

  1. Pair a similar-coloured skirt and cropped jumper or knit with a different coloured top underneath. The skirt and jumper are your bread and the top is your filling.
  2. Wear a matching pair of cropped pants and blazer or jacket with a different coloured top underneath.
  3. Coordinate a jacket or coat and boots or flats with a different coloured dress.
  4. Match your jeans, boots and jacket with an accent coloured singlet or t-shirt.

If that’s a bit beginner for you, here’s how to take the sandwich trick to the next step:

  1. Pick one colour for your pants, shoes, and jacket and then layer a top or singlet and a shirt in the same secondary colour underneath.
  2. Wear an all white ensemble then choose an accent colour and make this your matching top and shoes ‘filling’.
  3. If you really want a challenge, try not using black or white as your ‘bread’ colour.

Have a look through these images for some inspiration, then give this trick a test run for yourself. Be sure to let us know how you go!

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