Five items every woman should have in her undie drawer

In this week’s Stylewatch we reveal the five items every undie drawer needs.

Lingerie drawer

Style is one thing, But no matter how on trend your clothes are, it’s often what's underneath that can really determine how good they look. The saying it is what is on the inside that counts isn't wrong, and not just in terms of who you are as a person. Essentially, your underwear can make or break your outfit.

Here are five items that you need to own and the occasions for which you need them.

 1.   A t-shirt bra

Yes, t-shirt bras are a thing. They are designed to make your boobs look great under a fitted t-shirt. This means they are supportive, do not dig in anywhere and give your breasts some definition and a nice round shape. Definitely worth getting fitted for, my best basic bra was from Calvin Klein and, although not cheap, it is still with me years later. Wear with t-shirts, any fitted tops or dresses or low cut items if you want to make a, ahem, statement.

 2.   A good strapless bra

Slightly more challenging than the t-shirt bra, finding a good strapless bra can be like the proverbial needle in a haystack. So what should you look for? Ideally one that fits you both band and cup wise so it won't fall down or dig into your skin. Getting one with a think band will help it support you and stay up, as will a band that has rubber or silicon, which will assist with gripping on your skin. The ideal strapless bra should appear as though you are not wearing a bra and be worn with any strapless or off the shoulder tops and dresses.

 3.   Seamless knickers

A great alternative to the widely despised G string, seamless knickers can be worn under any tight bottoms to avoid unsightly VPLs – that's visible panty lines for anyone wondering. I am eternally grateful for seamless knickers, with some of the best (and least expensive) ones I’ve bought from Uniqlo.

 4.   A nude G string

Ok so unfortunately there are some times when a G string really is required. The good news is you can probably get away with having just one so long as it’s flesh coloured. You can also choose a seamless microfibre one that will be more comfortable. Wear with white jeans or, more accurately, white anything.

 5.   Spanx

They may not be the most glamorous item going around but there is definitely a time and a place for Spanx. Most commonly, that is under a fitted dress or skirt when you want your curves to look dangerous in the best possible way. If you've got a killer evening outfit Spanx will help you to achieve the smoothest silhouette possible and can literally take your outfit from a six to a 10/10. And if they’re good enough for Bridget Jones...

What is the item or brand you can't live without when it comes to your underwear drawer?



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    14th Oct 2016
    Well, here we go again. It's all about women again, nothing for the guys, no help with our smalls or what we should wear to make us more attractive to the opposite gender.
    14th Oct 2016
    Old Man. You should realise that we males don't need artificial aids to make us attractive!
    15th Oct 2016
    Speak for yourself Beeman, I need all the help I can get.
    15th Oct 2016
    G string at our age, are you kidding me, how uncomfortable.
    15th Oct 2016
    Musicveg this article has NOT been written for seniors.... my first "big travel" was in 1966, and I have been travelling on and off ever since, at one time with a backpack in Europe .... funny how I managed quite well without all this gumph!
    Space filler article!

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