How to … make a fascinator

The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is here at last and who doesn’t relish the opportunity to frock up for one of the many race meetings on offer? Or even for a fun function in your backyard?

If you love the idea of joining in the Fashions on the Field, but baulk at spending a lot of money on pricey headwear to complete your outfit, check out our easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your own headband fascinator.

You will need a headband, feathers, a felt flower or ornamental brooch, a tulle, a round felt patch in a colour or colours to match your dress and, most importantly, a hot glue gun!

You should be able to obtain all these materials from your local craft store, such as Spotlight.

To make up your headband fascinator, place a strip of glue down the middle of your felt patch and stick it to the inside of your headband around eight centimetres from the end of the headband. Add more hot glue to the top portion of your felt patch in a triangular pattern either side of the headband.

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Cut the tulle into four 15 cm squares and make into bows by gathering the middle part of the tulle.

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Stick the feathers and tulle onto the triangular section of the felt patch. Trim any excess tips from the feathers, then add more hot glue and top with your flower, brooch or whatever ornament you have chosen for your fascinator.

And voilà, you’re ready to join the best-dressed racegoers at Flemington, Randwick or wherever you are enjoying your day at the track!

Have you ever made a fascinator? Do you have any handy tips or tricks?

Written by Andrea


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