How to incorporate pastels in your winter wardrobe

Floral fabrics and candy-coloured dresses are dominating the catwalks right now, from Chanel and Dior to Erdem.

But floaty frocks aren’t your only option when it comes to pastels. We’re also seeing pale shades popping up in the transitional fashion category, so you don’t have to wait until it warms up to try the trend.

Here are five things to remember when it comes to wearing pastels.

Wear pastels in a way that compliments your natural colouring
Blondes often look great in pastels but if you are naturally a brunette or redhead, pastels right up by your face can make you appear washed out.

To combat this, pair it with a darker colour, for example, a pastel blouse with a dark coloured jacket on top will look great.

Another great way to incorporate pastels is to wear them at the bottom instead of the top. Invest in some pants or a pastel skirt, that way you can still incorporate the trend into your look without letting it wash you out.

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Keep it minimalist
The new pastels are all about clean lines and strong shapes, so choose streamlined garments with simple cuts and few embellishments to capture the look. The emphasis is not meant to be on the colour, but the piece itself. Great examples of this include classic coats and blazers, clean and crisp pants, or a boxy bag in a pastel shade.

On the flip side, avoid pastel pieces with frills or lace – they’ll likely age you.

Find the perfect colour pairing
Wondering what colours to pair with your pastel piece? Black is a foolproof choice but if it’s a bit boring for you, try soft grey, beige or taupe. Their muted undertones go perfectly with the softness of pastels. If you want to create a really fresh spring look, try pairing your pastels with bright white.

A pastel jacket with white pants looks modern and chic.

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Play with prints
If you prefer a printed pastel piece, be careful of florals. Pastel florals can look dated unless there is a modern twist to the print. Keep with a modern and minimalist theme and try an abstract print or graphic floral. These are easy, fashion-forward ways to rock pastels.

Colour block or monochrome
It’s also very chic to wear pastels all at once. Try wearing the same muted shade head to toe for a long and lean look.

If that’s a bit much for you, try colour blocking by incorporating two or three pastel pieces into your outfit.

Pairing pastel bottoms with a brighter version of the same shade on top can also look great.

Style tips
If you’re not ready to dive into pastels with a head-to-toe look, pair them with a darker neutral to balance them out.

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If your pastel pieces are too lightweight for the colder temperatures, layer up.

If you think pastels don’t go with your complexion, that’s where accessories and shoes come into play. You can have just as much fun adding a pop of pastel in the form of boots or a scarf.  

How do you wear pastels? What colours go best with your skin tone?

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