How to look good in bed

I love a new pair of pyjamas.

For the past few years I have been using the airlines’ pyjamas that are given to you free when you travel in business class. Now that I have retired, I am no longer afforded this privilege and my current PJs are looking decidedly tatty!

So I have been researching spring/summer PJs.

Of course, Peter Alexander springs to mind immediately, as he is the anointed ‘King of Pyjamas’ in Australia. Not only is he a great designer, he is an amazingly nice person. He has a vivid imagination, is great with quirky ideas as you’ll see here, loves his mum and his dogs, and is generous to a fault.

I know this because I worked in the same company with him for many years.

His website is a colourful work of art, as are some of his pieces, such as this really pretty floral PJ set, or this cute pink spotted night shirt. If you fancy something a little more ‘out there’, then this Paris Eiffel Tower crop pant could work or even this fun little pair of Ghostbusters shorts.

Look for these incredibly Australian vegemite pyjama pants. They will either bring a smile to faces or a look of complete and utter shock. Either way, they will certainly make for some interesting conversations.

If you are looking for a more classic option, then this striped pair of pants may suit, along with this aptly named tee shirt.

Peter Alexander prices are not inexpensive, but he regularly has some storewide offers, so if you keep a watch, you may be able to grab a pair of his PJs at a more reasonable price – especially with Boxing Day sales still in full swing.

At the other end of the scale is this fabulous, printed pretty in pink two-piece set from KMart at only $15, or this more classic full-length pant in a blue paisley at $12, with a matching top at $8. I really don’t know how KMart can do it for the price, but it certainly represents great value.

Sussan has always been known for its sleepwear. I love the look of this border paisley printed crop pant with the matching tee, or if you prefer a simple mini print nightie at around $49.95, then this little one may suit. Sussan also has quite a few sale items in this category of sleepwear, such as this short sleeve nightie at $20.97, or even this two piece at $48.97.

Take your time to peruse all your options, as there is so much variety in sleepwear today, and the choices can range from traditional to fun and funky, and from inexpensive to high-end brand names. After all, we still want to look good even when we’re in bed!

Written by petaro


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