How to make high heels comfortable

Love the idea of high heels but find them painful in reality? Here’s how to fix that.

womans legs with stockings kicking off her high heels

Most women have a love–hate relationship with high heels. They love how they make their legs and figure look, but hate the pain associated with wearing them for prolonged periods of time.

Thankfully there’s a solution to this sole-destroying problem. Tried and tested by celebrities, the PediFix Visco-GEL Bunion Guard cushions and protects the side of your foot. By absorbing the pressure and friction, it instantly relieves the pain that is usually associated with the front of your foot rubbing against the side of your shoes.

Dr Sanford Weitzbuch, a podiatrist to the stars, says all his famous clients swear by it when wearing heels for long periods of time, such as when on the red carpet.

Dr Weizbuch told Who What Wear that it works because “the shield is a very conservative treatment for a bunion that is not ready or able to be operated on. It is to hold off having surgery and hopefully prevent it from being necessary at all. It allows the patients to wear a fashionable shoe without any pain, friction or rubbing.”

With a price point of under $10, this is one style trick that could save your shoe cupboard and sole at the same time.

The PediFix Visco-GEL Bunion Guard is available from Amazon for $6.99 plus shipping. However, in the words of MasterCard, putting your best foot forward; priceless.

Read more about this trick at Who What Wear.

What’s your style tip when it comes to making high heels more comfortable? We’d love to hear it in the comments below.



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    29th Apr 2016
    Ladies, why the hell do you wear them?
    They look stupid.
    They are unhealthy.
    It is just stupidity to wear them.
    (And exactly the same comments apply men that wear ties)
    29th Apr 2016
    ........or high heels.
    Chris B T
    29th Apr 2016
    No High Heels!!!!
    Ah Gasp Shock Horror where would the Retail Industry Be.
    GST down, Shoe Shops closing down.
    Take years to retrain there Thought Proccess.
    No One will be Safe.
    Best to leave alone.
    29th Apr 2016
    I just can't understand some of the female fashion preferences.
    For instance, about the only footwear I wear are thongs. Now, I wear them on my feet, at the bottom end of my legs. It's not rocket science, just plain old common sense.
    Women, however, wear their thongs at the top end of their legs. I just don't get how this can be either healthy or comfortable. The mind boggles when I try to think of where they place that great slab of rubber.
    29th Apr 2016
    We have heard a similar disgusting choices of smut from you under other topics. Perhaps you should visit another site where other lowlifes will pander to your crude guttural insinuations. YLC commentors seem to be above your predatory, vulgar enticements to perversive discource. Find someone elsewhere with your bottom of the moral barrel mentality to frolic amongst your perverted filth.
    30th Apr 2016
    Self-appointed Thought police!!!! Don't ya love 'em?
    What next? Sharia law?
    29th Apr 2016
    c'mon Hawkeye, they are so practical. I was saddened when my wife stopped wearing them. Now she cant reach the high shelves in the kitchen and I have to get off my butt to help.
    Polly Esther
    29th Apr 2016
    Typical! now come on guys. No seriously though, they are good comments, funny also, and now that I'm older and not much wiser I agree with you.
    29th Apr 2016
    Wore them in my youth and now have to wear orthotics. Would I change a thing? No way. Just wish this product had been around then. Still a shoe lover
    13th May 2016
    Ask a chiropracter why some of the women who wore them or platform shoes have back problems.
    30th Apr 2016
    I wore them in my younger days and ran for the trains in them too -- these days I am built for comfort, not for speed ; ))

    I do have some very nice comfortable flat shoes and they look nice too
    1st May 2016
    I also have perfect feet and no problem with them at all, good to have one thing perfect ; ))

    1st May 2016
    I think a nice pair of heels (not the ridiculous ones the younger ones wear) sets off an outfit.

    In fact I just bought a lovely pair of silver evening shoes this week. I wear flattish shoes most of time but enjoy putting on a nice outfit and high heels when the occasion calls for it.
    1st May 2016
    High heels can look very elegant but not the ridiculous high platforms and 6 and 7-inch heels they wear they just look very cheap and the way they have to walk is anything but elegant
    2nd May 2016
    The high heels I wore were lovely...mostly Sandler and Jane Debster from memory. I wore them all day..not a problem but the ones they wear today are down right dangerous and the foot is almost perpendicular.

    You can buy ones that are not those riduculous 6 or 7 inches high. They will pay for it in later life. I was listening to someone say they have heels that are only for sitting down as there is no way they could stand in them for any length of time....and they pay big money for this...idiots in my opinion lol.

    Even though I wore hight heels every day at work I never had and problems with my feet and still don't.
    3rd May 2016
    I wore Contour, they were lovely and I think they were Fench but they were lovely -- I mostly had black swede but some times a beige
    4th May 2016
    We like heels .... Why do men wear ties
    4th May 2016
    the only use for a tie as far as I can see is to wipe the gravy off your chin at a formal do
    5th May 2016
    I have no idea why men have to wear suits at all in this climate -- damn ridiculous
    5th May 2016
    Virginia, I don't even possess a tie and I refuse to set foot in any place where they insist on making me wear one.

    IMHO a tie is all about symbolism.
    It is the symbol for "I TELL LIES FOR A LIVING"
    Just think about the professions where ties are virtually mandatory (and politics is at the top of the list).
    In my life experience, one of the most helpful things I have learned is "DON'T TRUST PEOPLE WHO WEAR TIES".
    5th May 2016
    thats a harsh claim Hawkeye and smacks of Tie ism. I haven't worn a tie for decades but I defend the right for our lying mongrel politicians to wear them. I also question your logic as many pollies and lawyers are women who don't wear ties so am I to believe you trust them more?
    Ageing but not getting old
    24th Jun 2016
    The picture says it all: The way to make high heels comfortable is to take them off.

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