Six simple steps for guys to look and feel younger

A few lifestyle changes and aesthetic tweaks can help restore your youthful ‘vibe’.

looking younger

There’s no escaping age and, while some men may age gracefully with seemingly little effort, many aren’t so lucky. With a few lifestyle changes and aesthetic tweaks, you too can turn back the hands of time and restore your youthful ‘vibe’.

1. All the trimmings maketh the man look younger
The quickest and simplest way to shave years off your apparent age is to shave. A closely shaved man looks much younger than one with facial hair. Having said that, a well-manicured beard can also give you a youthful, albeit ‘hipster’ look.

At the very least, you should trim your eyebrows, nose and ear hair. You may even want to trim your chest and back hair, but that’s up to you. A nose, ear and brow trimmer is a solid investment that will take years off your face.

And if you’re not one for fully shaving your face, try a closely cropped beard instead. Remember, the shorter the beard, the less obvious the greys.

2. The hair up there
Keep your hairstyle short as you get older. Unless, of course, you have a fantastic crop of silver locks. If you’re balding, a short cut will make it less obvious. Or you could shave it all off entirely. And don’t be sheepish about your smoky mane. Many ladies love the salt and pepper.

3. Face: the facts
Try retinoids to take years off your skin. Topical retinoids are a vitamin A derivative that can be used on the skin to improve wrinkles, sun damage and pigmentation. Speak to a health professional before trying them though, as they can cause irritation to some skin types.

Otherwise, use moisturiser and sunscreen to protect your skin. Buy a pair of exfoliation gloves and use them weekly when you shower.

4. It’s what’s inside that counts (the years)
Gone are the days of running about all night and day, drinking and dancing and doing whatever you please. Sure, if you’ve got it in you, go for it! But for most mortal men, drinking excessively, eating poorly and partying hard eventually catch up and show on the outside. So, get plenty of sleep, take it easy when possible, eat healthily, drink heaps of water, don’t smoke (or try quitting, if you do) and get 30 minutes of exercise a day at least four days a week. You’ll not only feel much better, it’ll give you youthful vibrancy, vim and vigour.

5. Style it up
Try a few classic wardrobe pieces, such as a good sports jacket, dark jeans, leather boots, a scarf and you’ll look a million bucks. If you wear spectacles, a good pair of moulded plastic frames can help hide crow’s feet and character lines around your face and give your face a ‘lift’.

6. Smile
The easiest way to look younger is to project youth. So, smile and laugh a lot and your youthful spirit will emanate. It may sound goofy, but it does make you feel and look younger. So, before you call me a tosser, why not try it and see?

Do you have any tips for making men look younger? Why not share them with the fellas?


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    22nd Sep 2017
    When I looked in the mirror this morning I noticed I was much less attractive than I once was. I am very worries women will find me less attractive...... Yeah I'm kidding ...couldn't give a dam I'm just happy if my bad knee is working ok.
    22nd Sep 2017
    Personally I do not find grey hair attractive on either sex. Dying hair makes older people look a lot younger.
    22nd Sep 2017
    Cat I'm sorry you find colouring your hair necessary, I haven't got a problem with grey hair. I think you'll find most men won't bother except for gay men.
    22nd Sep 2017
    I agree entirely.
    Dying your hair takes years off instantly. Who cares if it's obvious. My self esteem gets am instant boost with an increase in confidence.
    It must work because the ladies are more friendly and guess my age between 10 and 15 years younger.
    22nd Sep 2017
    John someone has to tell you the truth. You're hair won't help. The thing most women find attractive in a man is a really big ...... Wallet. Sorry but that's the truth. Might as well stop applying you're hair colour.
    22nd Sep 2017
    In my working life I was exposed to many chemicals that are now either banned or are known to have toxic properties. Fortunately I am unaware of suffering any ill effects from this exposure. Therefore I have no intention of chancing my luck by subjecting my body to the unspecified chemicals in hair dyes or so called deodorants.
    22nd Sep 2017
    Good move Eddy, people don't realize chemicals accumulate in the body and cause many health problems. So it is not just one chemical but the many we are exposed to so limiting your exposure as much as possible gives you more chance of good health.
    22nd Sep 2017
    So now men cannot age gracefully, too much emphasis on looks don't maketh the man. Good positive attitude, happy and friendly, keeping fit and healthy is more important. Still men in trackie's are not a good look. Stop with the shaving heads too, leave your hair on while you have it.
    23rd Sep 2017
    Get your hair coloured a suitable not too dark
    Eye brows and beards trimmed.
    Stick colour markers are fine fir small areas like brows and tiiny beard reasonably close trimmed.
    Dress with some colour esp in casual clothes don't stick to beige or navy all the time
    Dark shirts and jeans chinos or sports trousers will give a cleaner and slimmer appearance.
    A hat or cap can also hide hair colour but get a good one and a stylish matching Illyrians to your garments.
    23rd Sep 2017
    Nothing attracts the opposite sex more than a healthy supply of SELF CONFIDENCE.
    Regularly reassess your positive attributes,take pride in your achievements, find a passion that will have you jumping into the day.
    AVOID LOSERS their friendship will drag you down.
    AVOID WHINGING. you talking about problems will convince yourself that life is nothing but negative.
    Positive, motivated happy people attract like minded people of both sexs.
    Often I have noticed that men who easily attract women are unattractive. The above qualities over ride looks.
    Women really appreciate men who are genuinely interested in them and can tear themselves away from the mirror.
    Sage advice to any age.

    27th Sep 2017
    Fix your teeth
    1st Nov 2017
    Its what is inside that counts --

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