Here’s how to walk well in high heels

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High heels can make a woman look and feel taller, leaner and ready to take on the world. That said, there’s nothing worse than watching a woman teeter and totter around in high heels, unable to walk properly.

High heels don’t have to be a prison for your feet, nor do you have to spend unnecessary time changing in and out of them. Here are five of our top tips to ensure you can walk in heels gracefully, the way god intended.

Arch your foot
By arching your foot slightly when you walk you will put pressure on the inside of your shoe, making your shoe fit more closely.

Lean back
Often when we walk in heels we end up using our neck to compensate. By leaning back instead your body weight will be more centred and you won’t feel the need to bring your torso forward.

Slow and steady
As you’ve probably noticed, you can’t stride out the way you would in flat shoes when you’re wearing heels. Accept this is a fact of life when wearing heels and take smaller steps at a slower pace. This will ensure you don’t compromise your balance as well as making you appear more graceful and confident.

Heels first
In contrast to when you wear flats and place your entire foot down at one time when wearing heels, it is safest to plant your heel down first, followed by your toe. Not only will this make your walk look more natural but it will help with balance too.

If the shoe fits
With the best will in the world if your heels don’t fit properly you have little chance of walking in them well, or wearing them without pain. While clearly it is best to only buy shoes that fit your foot, if you find yourself with a pair that are slightly too small you can stretch them out using wet newspaper in a plastic bag; if they’re too big you can always add in an innersole or gel cushion.

Do you have a trick for walking well in high heels?

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Written by SJ


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  1. 0

    I bet not a lot of Seniors wear high heels. Come on guys, you’re writing for seniors,.

  2. 0

    hehehe – those were the days my friend. My toes don’t bend at the joint any more.

  3. 0

    I can always be corrected, but seem to recall seeing an article about this not very long ago.
    Yes, Hobbit is correct. So what about something for the guys, for a change. Let’s be fair.

  4. 0

    Those were the days. I found if you wanted to walk, dance, jump etc in high heels you really needed to buy the very best shoes you could afford that were very well balanced with sprung steel through the heel. I had a gorgeous black pair of Lanvin I paid heaps for in Singapore but I wore them for 25 years and my daughter is wearing them now. They have been resoled every second season and the dubbin kept up to them.

    These days I wear ballet flats haha.

  5. 0

    Even the guys wear pointy shoes these days squeezing the toes together, like with the high heels. So all look forward to bunions and bad feet when you get older. That’s why seniors don’t wear high heels. They simply don’t fit. Be warned!

  6. 0

    I USED to wear high heels when I was younger — not now — I always bought good shoes and my feet are still perfect, I still always buy a good shoe

  7. 0

    What a strange item to put into a Seniors site!
    I think most women our age would know how to walk in high heels by now!
    Although personally I will only wear them for evenings out.



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