How to wear a hat for winter

Here’s everything you need to know about how to wear a hat without looking silly.

woman wearing a hat in winter

Hats have been in the spotlight for quite a few seasons now. They’re one of those things you either love or hate, and I personally fall into the former category but know plenty of people who don’t.

Hates aren’t the easiest trend to try. Part of the problem is that often people are unsure of how to wear them or worry about looking stupid. Herein lies the first rule of wearing hats: as with most other things in life, the trick to pulling it off correctly is confidence. So how do you choose the right hat for your head to get that confidence in the first place? A few things.

Size and scale are incredibly important. Your hat should not swamp you nor should it sit so high it looks crammed on your head. Aim for a hat that fits without being tight – there’s nothing worse than having to hold onto your hat at the first sign of a slight breeze.

Your hat should frame your face without looking as if you’re wearing one of those novelty Mexican sombreros. When you think of size and scale, this includes your the shape of your face, too. If you have a round, square or oval shape, you can pull off bigger hats, whereas if your face is a heart-shaped, a smaller or more delicate style of hat will work better for you.

A hat should complement an outfit and look planned – you don’t want it to look as if it’s an after thought, but at the same time you don’t want it to look overly matched with your outfit.

Don’t make the mistake of hiding all your hair either. Leaving some hair showing around your face allows for a much softer and more feminine look. By the same token, avoid looking too masculine in a hat by wearing makeup and jewellery.

Finally, make sure you try on a variety of hats so you can see what shapes and styles suit you best. Taking a trusted friend or family member with you is also advisable – the look on their face alone should ensure you end up with the most flattering one!

Here are five of our favourite hats for winter:

Sportsgirl, Blue Skies Panama, Jade $28

Glassons, Pom Pom Multi Turn Back Beanie, $17

H&M, Wool Hat, $29.95

Kookai, Milano Fedora $25 (on sale)



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    11th Jun 2016
    I love hats, have worn them for years - as a "Red Hatter" and whenever I feel like it - brimmed for shade in the summer, warm styles for the winter.

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