How-to fix body hang-ups

Hiding body hang-ups can be a lot easier than you think with these simple fashion fixes.

How-to fix body hang-ups

Body hang-ups? We all have them. The good news is that often fixing them can be a lot easier than you think. While you may choose to work on toning your arms or getting that flatter stomach you’ve always wanted, it’s unlikely you can grow longer legs. So what's the solution? As always, the answer is fashion.

Here’s eight how-tos on the most common body hang-ups using fashion to fix and flatter your shape.

1. I want a bigger chest
Fix: wear a ruffled or embellished top. The details will have a volume enhancing effect and boost your bust.

2. How can I make my chest look smaller?
Fix: choose a v-neckline. The v-shaped neckline will pull the eye down to a narrower place and remove the emphasis from your bust. This will only work if your v-neckline isn’t too low, as that will defeat the purpose and highlight your chest.

3. Make my arms look smaller!
Fix: avoid sleeveless and cap sleeve tops. By wearing a ¾ sleeve instead attention is attracted to the exposed forearm, thus skipping over larger upper arms.

4. I want a bigger bum
Fix: high-waisted jeans. The top of high-wasted jeans sit around the slimmest part of your waist, making your bum look bigger in comparison.

5. I wish I had a smaller bum
Fix: opt for wide-leg pants. The wide pant opening on wide-leg pants helps to balance out a bigger bottom.

6. How can I make my hips look smaller?
Fix: wear the flare. Flared jeans, that is, the volume at the hem will balance out wider hips.

7. I wish I had longer legs
Fix: choose a continuous colour. By wearing a single colour head to toe (yes, that includes your shoes) you will look longer and leaner.

8. I want a flat stomach
Fix: wear a wrap dress. A wrap dress accentuates the smallest part of the waist and due to the draped fabric also helps to hide your stomach.


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    Polly Esther
    9th May 2014
    I find a nice little black number always slims me down
    9th May 2014
    I have tried wrap around dresses but I can never get one to fit me properly. They don't seem to make them for bigger people.
    9th May 2014
    I agree with the flattering nature of a wrap dress
    9th May 2014
    For number two above - wear necklaces which do not sit near your throat - or at the level of your bosom. Longer necklaces should consist of small to medium sized pieces and definitely not jumbo sized.

    For number three above, wearing eye-catching bracelets, bangles and stunning earrings (which are not too close to your collar bone) will draw attention away from upper arms. Sleeves which hang loosely and are not tight fitting are best. Sleeves which have slits or have a handkerchief affect also provide a more vertical effect.

    For number five - do not wear flares or bell-bottoms. A tailored straight (but not tight) leg is best. Do not wear wide or obvious belts. Do not wear pants which have embroidery or other embellishments on your bum.

    For number 8 - the draping or fabric design is best if it is angled - not horizontal or rounded. Do not to draw attention to the area you want to "dissapear". Remember (for makeup and clothing) darker shades (not necessarily black) tend to make larger areas (puffy eyelids or tummies) recede. Light colours tend to make them more obvious.

    10th May 2014
    When you become so obese that folks call you EARTHQUAKE, that's the time to worry....
    10th May 2014
    But by then it is too late to worry.
    Precious 1
    28th May 2014

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