Is your makeup routine summer ready?

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Summer. When your hair gets lighter, skin gets darker and you can wear less makeup. All big bonuses of the warmer months – save for the fact that the hotter weather can also make wearing any makeup at all a challenge.

Having just sadly said goodbye to another summer in the northern hemisphere here’s my top tips on how to keep your face looking fresh and pretty, and avoid melting makeup or running mascara at all costs.

Protect your skin
Duh. This one seems obvious but so many women still let their skin cop the harsh rays of the sun. Choose an oil-free moisturiser with a high SPF and avoid any awkward sunburn, skin damage and wrinkles!

Primer is non-negotiable
A good primer, put on after moisturiser and before your base, will help to keep your makeup in place like nothing else.

Ditch the foundation
There’s no need to apply liberal amounts of a heavy base in the warmer months – it will only clog your pores and lead to creasing and caking. Swap your foundation for a BB or CC cream, or even a tinted moisturiser instead.

Keep in natural
While it can be fun to wear a bold eye or lip, summer is a great time to embrace your natural beauty and keep things light and fresh. Steer clear of anything that looks too heavy or like you’re trying to hard and test out nude or soft colours instead.

Say no to shine
Nothing says hot and sweaty like a shiny T-zone. Fight back against shine by carrying a light pressed powder in your purse and re-applying as needed. Blotting papers are also lifesavers when it comes to eliminating any unwanted shine.

Keep it simple and natural when it comes to bronzer and blush. A light brush to help highlight your cheekbones and enhance your features is all you need. The less makeup you look like you have on the better!

Make sure it’s waterproof
I always wear waterproof mascara as I often rub my eyes and would end up looking like a panda otherwise, but in summer this is a must. After all you should never miss the chance to take a dip for fear of where on your face your mascara might end up.

Give your eyes a break
There’s really no need for eyeliner in summer, unless you want to add a bit of oomph in the evening. Keep eyes looking natural with a swipe of mascara or, for a longer term solution, have them tinted before summer so you can leave them alone all together.

Be prepared
Carry a few essentials in your purse so you can fight shine, sweat, or melting or smudged makeup when it springs on you.

Skin gets much drier in the sun and warmer weather. Look after your face, body and lips by making sure that you moisturise at least every day and carry a good lip balm – it’s hard to beat Lucas Paw Paw.

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    I love the beauty tips for summer.
    Is it possible for SJ to provide a recommendation or two for a oil-free moisturiser with a high SPF as the shelves are lined with so many products it is hard to know where to start.

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    Love this! 🙂

    There are some great SPF moisturisers, such as

    I have a lot of fabulous seniors as clients, as I am a Skincare Consultant, and they are loving this 🙂

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