Look slimmer this summer

With spring finally here and the weather beginning to warm up, we can start to shed some clothing layers. While this may be an exciting thought for some, for those of us who are perhaps carrying an extra layer thanks to winter, the idea of wearing fewer clothes can be daunting.

Brace yourself for the annual bombardment of bikini body articles. However, should you not be interested in their strict regimes, there is a much simpler way to look slimmer this spring and summer. Because we believe women of all sizes are beautiful, you don’t need to be skinny to look slim, you just need a solid wardrobe and the knowledge of how to make it work for your figure. Here are our top 10 tips for looking as hot as the weather this summer.

1. Waist not want not
It may not be new, but the age-old trick of highlighting your natural waist is a tried and tested way to draw attention to your smallest section. Make your waist the focal point by tucking in tops or wrapping a bright coloured belt around it.

2. Full and flouncy
When it comes to skirts, a flouncy, full style will instantly conceal the sometimes – troublesome thigh and hip area. Just remember to tuck your top in to minimise your mid-section and balance out the silhouette of the skirt

3. Bright is better
While we’ve all grown up with the advice black is your best friend when it comes to flattering your figure, bright colours can be just as good. Prints and bright colours both dazzle the eye and distract it away from anything you don’t want to accentuate.

4. Stack ’em high
When it comes to jewellery more is more appealing. Pile on chunky necklaces to make your shoulders look smaller. The same goes for stacking bracelets and bangles to make your arms look leaner in contrast.

5. Dress it up
Dresses are a fantastic outfit option to flatter your figure, while helping you keep cool in the warmer weather. In particular, a shirtdress is a great staple as they never go out of fashion and flatter almost every body type. An A-Line dress is another must have with its waist-slimming and bulge-concealing superpowers.

6. Stripes can be slimming
Stripes are here to stay this spring/summer, and the good news is they aren’t just for those with a beanpole body shape. Choose a top or bottom with vertical, rather than horizontal, stripes to lengthen out your frame. Thinner stripes are preferable to thicker stripes for a more slimming effect.

7. Have a life-saver
Another trick that’s stood the test of time is the Little Black Dress (LBD). Also known as a lifesaver, find the perfect LBD in a silhouette which flatters your shape and accentuates your best assets and wear it all summer. The great thing about the LBD is you can completely change how it looks by mixing and matching it with different coloured accessories.

8. Stay in the midi
Always in style, stay stuck in the middle with midi-length skirts and dresses. The combination of the extra fabric and the cinched in waist will never fail to flatter your figure. The midi-length is also a great option for those who aren’t in love with their legs.

9. Go all in
When in doubt opt for an all black ensemble. We all know black is slimming so, black on black should have you looking as lean as a stick of liquorice! If you want something lighter for summer, and all white outfit can be equally as flattering.

10. Copy the celebs
When you flick through a magazine it’s difficult not to notice the countless photos of celebrities sporting sleek hair with oversized sunglasses. Take a tip from the experts and pair polished hair with big sunglasses for an instantly sleeker appearance. For the daring, go one step further and style hair in a slicked-back do.

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