How to make a fashion statement on a strict budget

A scarf can dress up any outfit, adding colour and style.

How to make a statement on a budget

Your best accessory any time of the year is  … the statement scarf. But how do you choose the right scarf for the right outfit?

I guess before we start, we need to determine what a “statement scarf” actually is.

It’s a scarf that can really ‘lift’ your outfit by standing out on its own and drawing attention. No longer should we think of a scarf as an accessory to keep the chill out of our bones. A well-chosen scarf can make a plain outfit really pop.

I own a few statement scarves, but my favourite was a gift from about 15 years ago. It is a brown-and-black leopard print with a splash of hot pink on it. In its own way it is a classic piece and makes such a difference to my plain outfits.

I know I was lucky to receive such a gift, but there are many other options I can suggest for you to use to the same effect – such as this leopard scarf.

You need a scarf to be long enough so you can double wrap it around your neck like this ocelot scarf from Witchery.

Another option that is always a good investment is a classic black-and-white scarf. I have a timeless black-and-white scarf that I bring out when I feel as if I look boring in a black coat and black pants. Again it’s not a new piece, but what I would call an “oldie but a goldie”.

You can choose a black and white leopard or a check pattern or even a graphic spot or this wool blend version. I suggest when you are doing the black-and-white option, you ensure your lipstick has been applied really well, and that the intensity of the colour is a stronger than usual. Go for a deeper red, or coral to bring some colour into the black-and-white equation.

Last but not least, another favourite of mine is the pashmina, because it is so incredibly versatile. I know that this is not really a “fashion” piece at present, but to me it’s such a great colour vehicle to add to a very plain outfit. At the same time, pashminas are so practical, because they can fold up quite small and keep you warm if needed – great for plane travel. I always travel with a neutral, like a black, grey or caramel, but when I need to add colour, then I choose either a coral, or a fuschia. It really depends on your preference.

You may prefer the greens or the blues, but whatever your taste, choose a colour that reflects your personality, and really enhances your outfit.

Pashminas come in many fabrications and prices, from pure cashmere, to silks, to wools, to ‘cashmere like’ and cotton blend options that are more affordable and are my preferred choice.

Take a look at this one in a soft, cotton blend from David Jones, or any of these in the bright colours from Amazon Any of these three scarf options will really allow you to enhance your wardrobe without a massive expenditure and will be an invaluable asset for many years to come.

Do you love a scarf? Do you have a favourite selection?



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    29th Jun 2018
    Fashion is for air-heads.
    30th Jun 2018
    I'm so pretty on my motor cycle.
    2nd Jul 2018
    Nice article.
    Yes I have a favourite. It's a beautiful silk Australian Indigenous Print in ochres and greys that brightens up outfits very well. I wear a lot of great and this scarf always lifts the outfit and guarantees many favourable comments.
    I love the pink in the photo but my skin colour doesn't do pink at all well haha.

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