Mixing it Up – clothing by Coles

YOURLifeChoices style guru SJ has put together an outfit for under $70

Mixing it Up – clothing by Coles

Supermarket aisles are not typically the first place you look for fashion-buys, but this is about to change. YOURLifeChoices style guru SJ has put together an outfit which, for under $70, would rival any high street brand.

Coles supermarket has brought fashion to the grocery aisles with a range of quality basics at surprisingly good prices.  Available in selected stores and online, Mix is designed by Canadian Joseph Mimran. It offers smart and flattering basics designed in an array of colours, making it easy to mix and match pieces in your wardrobe. The line is a great way for those on a budget to save on basic pieces, so they can spend more on accessories or staples such as coats and shoes. And with free delivery for orders over $50, you really can’t go wrong.

The following outfit costs a total of $64:

Sunglasses – Rounded classic with stone temple $15 

Top – Three-quarter A-line sleeve top, grape $5 

Knit – Long-sleeved polka dot cardigan, white $19 

Pants – Side-zipped cropped trouser, black $25 

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    12th Apr 2013
    I can't say what this range in a Coles Supermarket is like as we don't have a Cole with this range. However, we do have a K-Mart (connected via Wesfarmers Group). What you look at looks o.k. but try finding two size 12's the same or two size 14's the same, it's a lucky dip if you do. Last week I wanted a long sleeved shirt so that when I gardened I was getting some protection from mosquitoes etc. Tried a 12, 14, 16 and XXL and I couldn't get my arms into the sleeves, you just can't buy anything these days without trying it on. Its the same with any of the budget stores such as Sussan, Millers, Susan Gray, Rockmans etc. etc. I tried a pair of 3/4 pants on at Millers recently and one leg was normal and the second leg the inside seam was practically half way around to the back of the leg! Tried a cardigan on size 12 and 14 and now I've decided you can only buy cardigans if they have 3/4 sleeves, because if you buy a normal cardigan the sleeves are so long they need turning doubly and still come down to the base of your fingers. It's a waste of time and effort trying things on from these budget stores it seems to be all Chinese and/or Indian junk. Like anything in life, it's better to save up and buy something decent. You get what you pay for!
    As I'm off to Sydney next week, I decided I had better buy one good jacket/pants so went to a "Black Pepper" shop in Batemans Bay. The pants and jacket cost me about three times more than the budget shops but there is no comparison in quality and fit.
    12th Apr 2013
    My biggest problem is I have LONG legs and arms compared to my body length. When I do find clothes I like I need a larger size to get the length. None of Millers pants are long enough for me. The armholes tend to be small too. Due to sensitive skin problems in my family I also find it very difficult to find either 100% cotton or with very low % synthetic.
    12th Apr 2013
    What's wrong with going to an Op Shop and buying a complete outfit for a lot less than $64. I work in a St. Vinnies and we often have brand new clothes for about $4. You have to search around but its well worth the effort. Ok, it may take longer and you may need to take up a hem or do something else to make it to your liking but I haven't bought any new clothes except undies for about 10 years and people always remark on my clothes and ask me where I got them and I always tell them the truth. So go for it, ladies and gents, theres a lot of Op Shops out there with a variety of goods. Good hunting Chrissie
    Kaye Fallick
    14th Apr 2013
    Brilliant idea Chrissie. Where is you opshop? Maybe SJ could pop in and create some looks from your stock? warmest Kaye
    12th Apr 2013
    The Coles brand Mix and Match sizes are very small and don't suit the fuller figure but they are always happy to give a refund.Surprisingly Black Pepper and the more expensive labels are also made in China but the quality is much higher,sizes true to fit and usually last the test of time.

    22nd Jun 2013
    I can afford to buy what I want but I just love shopping at Op shops and do it all the time. I find really good brand new clothes and I pay a little more for them but still very good value. I cannot see the sense in wasting huge amounts of money on dressing yourself. YOu only in fact need a few clothes but dressing them up with accessories I have found to be the way to go.

    I often get complimented on my outfits and the number of girl friends now do the same thing. I do not do trendy dressing at all. I go more for classic styles and frankly most men do not like the current way of dressing in general. As for jeggings ...most men hate them LOL...but women wear them.

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