Over 50's style to watch

The media is constantly drawing style inspiration from movie stars, pop stars and models. Sadly the majority of the time these stars aren’t a day over thirty, if they’re even twenty that is.

While style can be adapted at any age, it is nice to have some role models you can look up too. The following 10 models are all over 50 and just as beautiful as many of the younger models strutting the catwalks today. In the words of Audrey Hepburn, “The beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”

She’s one woman who would know!

Iman, 58
Discovered at the age of 20 by photographer Peter Beard, this Somalian born beauty has modeled for Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair and Vogue numerous times. She also appeared as a queen in Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time” music video.


Image: Vogue, Italia

Daphne Selfe, 84
Gracing magazine pages and runways since the 1950s, this British beauty still poses for fashion houses such as Moschino and Dolce & Gabbana. Her claim to fame? She’s never done anything to her face or her hair, according to Selfe her hair is kept long as it’s cheaper to maintain.

Image: Dolce & Gabbana

Lady Birgit (Gitte) Lee, 78
Gitte Lee started modeling in 1961. Most recently she appeared in a Celine campaign and Vogue Italia. In an interview with Vogue Italia she passed on the advice “Don’t waste your time: get on with it!”


Image: Celine

Lauren Hutton, 70
Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Lauren Hutton launched her modeling career at age 20. Gracing the cover of American Vogue a record 26 times she was also the face of Revlon at age 31.

“We have to be able to grow up. Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be. I don’t think I will ever cut my face, because once I cut it, I’ll never know where I’ve been.” – Lauren Hutton


Images: Vincent Peters for Vogue Germany, Lucky Brand Jeans Denim F/W 13 Campaign

Farida Khelfa, 51
A model, actress and director the French-Algerian Farida was discovered by a designer from Jean Paul Gaultier’s studio. She remained a muse of Gaultier’s for decades as well as for French photographer Jean-Paul Goude.


Image: Paper Planes Magazine

Yasmina Rossi, 56
This French born beauty attributes her flawless complexion to eating organic food before it was trendy and an avocado a day. Rossi’s career began in her late twenties and took off at age forty-five. She’s starred in campaigns for AT&T, Mastercard, Macy’s and Marks and Spencer.


Image: Marks & Spencer

Pia Gronning, 64
Danish actress turned model, Pia Gronning is still represented by various agencies worldwide. Recently Pia has appeared in campaigns such as J.Crew and Banana Republic.

Images: Banana Republic, J.Crew

Valerie Pain, 72
Represented by Close Models in London, Valerie Pain made history as the oldest model to walk in London Fashion Week in 2009. Originally beginning her career in the 60s Pain believes ‘Just because I’m 65 it doesn’t mean I don’t like fashionable clothes, a lot of designers could take something from this and realise they can design for all types of women.’


Image: Debenhams

China Machado, 83
China Machado shot to fame in 1959 when she was the first non-Caucasian model to be featured in leading fashion magazine, Harper’s Bazaar. Represented by IMG, China has featured in W magazine and a Barneys ad since her 80th birthday. She was also a lifelong muse of Richard Avedon and an in-house model for Givenchy in Paris.

Images: New York Magazine, Barney’s Carine’s World Fall 2011 Campaign

Carmen Dell’Orefice, 82
Appearing on Vogue at the tender age of 15, Carmen Dell’Orefice has been a big name in the fashion world for almost 70 years. During this time she’s sat for Salvador Dali, and was a good friend of legendary Harper’s Bazaar fashion editor Diana Vreeland. Despite a double-knee-replacement surgery, Carmen claims to have had more covers in the past 15 years than all her career before that.

Image: MoDa’s Touch