Pantone’s colour of the year is here

We’re not sold on Greenery but Lapis Blue and Pale Dogwood are doable.

Pantone colour of the year Greenery

Much has been made about Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017. Arguably the experts when it comes to all things colour, many sites are blindingly following the announcement and proclaiming it to be the number one colour that we will be wearing in 2017.

The issue, however, is that I fail to see how it could be the most worn colour of this year when it’s best described as Kermit the Frog green. Technically called Greenery, the colour is considered a “fresh and zesty yellow green”. Personally, I feel zesty and green should only be allowed in the same sentence when referring to a lime – which is hopefully being added as a garnish to a drink.

Each year Pantone picks the hue that they predict will have the biggest influence on fashion and design. With this year’s choice being a nod towards the environment, it was picked with the intention of the colour representing a chance to “revive, restore and renew.”

While it all sounds great in theory, sadly I am yet to see anyone wear neon green well aside, of course, from that famous frog, Kermit. The best way to embrace this colour has to be as part of a print – and hopefully a small part at that.

The good news is, if you’re not sure Greenery is going to add much to your complexion, that there are a further nine colours that round out the top 10 for 2017. Featuring plenty of muted, earthy tones, but with a few pops of primary colours to keep things interesting.

Flick through Pantone’s predicted colours for 2017 and tell us what you think. Which one will you be welcoming into your wardrobe or life?

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    20th Jan 2017
    No thanks. The could be fine in small splashes on a pattern but not as a whole.
    20th Jan 2017
    Not again .. Slime green .. next it will be burnt orange with mission brown !!
    20th Jan 2017
    Ah yes, at the height of fashion in the early 70s, we wallpapered our kitchen in lime green and orange stripes, and had a lime green roller blind to match!
    20th Jan 2017
    We used to own some holiday units. When we purchased them the main colours were Mission Brown and slime green. Goot rid of that pretty quickly I can tell you. Even the towels were slime green. Ugh
    20th Jan 2017
    I'll bet no-one uses the colour Kale. The taste is bad enough without having the colour around too. The only ones I liked were the blue tones.
    20th Jan 2017
    I disagree, I can see that colour Kale being used for skirts and trousers. It is a colour you could wear with many others as blouses or jumpers. A nice neutral colour and in my opinion better than regulation black that is pretty much all you can get for workwear - and look just like everyone else!

    I also love kale raw in salads or juices and cooked with eggs! Kale chips are yummy.
    20th Jan 2017
    I thought they might have gone with Orange to celebrate the election and inauguration of their new president.
    20th Jan 2017
    This is one of my colours! It matches parts of my hazel/green eyes and a nice contrast to coppery blonde hair and a tan in summer and autumn.
    21st Jan 2017
    I'm with you Janran. Love it.
    21st Jan 2017
    Cats rule!
    I can understand why blue-eyed, pale skinned people don't like "Greenery", just as people with our colouring don't wear fire-engine red or baby blue.
    21st Jan 2017
    Ah yes, you've got that right on both accountsmmmmmmmmmm, That was my cat walking across the keyboard!!!
    21st Jan 2017
    What a gorgeous puddycat!

    I miss my cats so much. I had two twin sister blackies, recently died of old age (18+). Now I have two new cats in my garden (not mine), but they have realised that my little fighting cat (pictured), who was permanently locked inside due to her hunting and fighting prowess, is no longer here to vibe them away. She only ever weighed 3kg but she was a little dynamo - the queen of vibe. Even when she was a kitten she would run up to our gate, to give the eyeball to our friends' two rottweilers, who would reel back, whimpering, and hide behind their people.
    21st Jan 2017
    I just love cat stories. Mine (pictured) was 19 years old when he had to go to rest in January last year. I now have two others who I adore. Just can't be without that love and affection and as you rightly say "Cat's rule". I mean, I'm very lucky that they let me live here!!
    21st Jan 2017
    Ha ha. Someone said that cats invented assertiveness training. Our cats knew we were pushovers!

    Like you say, the love and affection cats give is very special. Unlike dogs, who will love anyone with a friendly hand.

    My cats make regular (star) appearances in my dreams. They are still making me laugh - such clowns!

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