Are you making these make-up mistakes?

Make sure make-up remains your friend and is not foe.

Mature pouting woman with too much makeup

When applied correctly, make-up can make you feel a million dollars. While we’re all in favour of natural beauty, there’s nothing wrong with having some help to enhance your facial features. On some days make-up can be the only thing that helps us to face the outside world.

Unfortunately, not all make-up was created equal. Some make-up items should be avoided at all costs. The same goes for certain techniques: after all, just like fashion, trends come and go. Here are seven ways in which make-up can make you look older than you are.

Blusher should be used sparingly and applied along the top of your cheekbone as opposed to on the apple of your cheek.

Opt for a translucent or mineral powder as opposed to a thicker, heavier one. Powder should be dusted lightly across the face to set foundation or concealer. Excessive use of powder will have the undesirable outcome of giving a mask-like appearance to your face, or will highlight fine lines or wrinkles.

Coloured eyeshadow
There is no time or place for coloured eyeshadow, in my opinion. Coloured eyeshadow does few women any favours. Opt for a more neutral palette to let your natural eye colour do all the talking.

Lip liner
Colouring outside of the lip lines was not encouraged at preschool, for good reason. While many of us may wish we had fuller lips, ‘faking’ them by applying lip liner or lipstick outside your natural lip line will only leave you looking like a clown. If you want to give the illusion of plumper lips, use a lighter shade in the centre of your lips to add shape.

It’s best to stick to applying mascara only to the top lashes – applying too much to the bottom lashes will only highlight any wrinkles you may have around your eyes; same goes for eyeliner.

Foundation and concealer
Forming the base of your ‘face’, it is crucial you choose a foundation and concealer that works with your natural skin tone. There is nothing worse than when you can see blatant lines where a woman’s make-up ends and her natural skin starts.

Despite what you may read in magazines, eyebrows are best left to their own devices. Unlike the hair on many other parts of your body, they won’t always grow back. Keep them tidy by tweezing them sparingly. If you use an eyebrow pencil or gel, make sure it is a shade lighter than your natural brow colour. Perhaps you would like someone to shape your brows for you? If that is the case, make sure you are confident in their abilities and that you are very specific about what you want.

Have you caught yourself making any mistakes when it comes to makeup that have made you rethink or change your routine?



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    17th Feb 2017
    Oh, the young things who plaster their faces with spack filler - that's what it looks like ..thick and gooey. Eyelashes tres fake or laden with mascara....discretion is the keynote. Mrs Ranga
    17th Feb 2017
    Oh but Mrs Ranga......don't some of the young ones look just gorgeous! Most of them know how to apply their makeup, unlike us older ones who are more likely to make the above mistakes
    17th Feb 2017
    For sure!
    17th Feb 2017
    That's because many women haven't changed their make up style since they were 25!
    17th Feb 2017
    One of the reasons why French women look elegant is that they use minimal make-up and always try to achieve a natural look. As we age, it is even more important that we have good lighting and high magnification mirrors to check before we go out. Well-shaped eyebrows can take off years, but one stray chin hair will destroy all your efforts.
    17th Feb 2017
    Anyone thought of having their eyebrows tattooed?
    18th Feb 2017
    Whatever you do if your hair is naturally going grey or white.,DONT DIE YOUR HAIR DARK and not because you will have light HAIR growth..but because it shows your wrinkles up really may think you look younger but you actually look older...grow old gracefully..????????

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