Style without spending a cent

Eight classics hiding in your wardrobe which will see you through winter, spring and beyond.

Style without spending a cent

If the budget has left you reeling and wondering how you’re going to afford everyday necessities, let alone any of life’s luxuries, never fear. As the old saying goes; money can’t buy style, and therefore there is no reason why you still can’t look your best on a tight budget.

Here are eight items of which you should have a few hiding somewhere in your wardrobe. A ghost of seasons past, perhaps you thought they were no longer relevant, but the good news is these pieces are complete classics and will see you through winter, spring and beyond. So what are you waiting for? Happy hunting.

The white shirt

A timeless classic, pull out your white shirt and wear it throughout winter and spring. A white shirt instantly makes you look sophisticated and smart. Wear with black pants and heels for a corporate or evening look. Pair with jeans and ballet flats or boots for a more casual weekend outfit. You can also layer a cashmere or wool jumper over the top of your shirt and leave the collar out for a more interesting and on-trend ensemble.

The black blazer

Nothing is more versatile than a tailored black blazer. Layer over a dress for a smart way to stay warm at evening events. Wear over a simple striped tee or white t-shirt with jeans for a casual weekend or office look. Match with a black skirt or pants for the affect of a suit and add a silk top to create the perfect outfit for work or dinner and drinks.

Red shoes

Red is one of those rare colours which never really goes out of fashion. Even if it is not a huge hit that season it is always a stylish option. Red shoes are the perfect way to break up an all-black ensemble, or add interest to a neutral-toned outfit. Choose between ballet flats or a closed-toe high heel for a classic style which won’t date. The red shoe also looks perfect paired with a white shirt and dark jeans or casual pants.

The bucket bag

A deceptively roomy bag which can hold your entire life in a shape which will never go out of style. Best carried in a neutral such as tan or black as a colour will date far more quickly, the bucket bag is more suited to casual dressing. However, it can make a great option to accompany you on a night out as it will hold extra wraps, jumpers and an emergency umbrella.

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    6th Jun 2014
    I love my clothes
    I have a big Tshirt that I sleep in in summer
    It has not got enough holes in it to throw out yet.
    Do you know how cool it is when someone 'gets you'
    The washing machine has a 'favorites' cycle.
    6th Jun 2014
    I have a couple of old cardigans I wear over my nighties and PJs in Winter as I tend to roll over in my sleep a fair bit and get uncovered. I have never had some of the things that are on the list supplied. I wore more navy blue than black and still do. I did have a nice pair of red shoes but they are too tight to wear now. My feet seemed to have widened a bit as I have some other shoes I have hardly worn that are now too narow particularly on my left foot. They are also making ladies' toes of shoes narrower than they were awhile ago. I spoke to a Podiatrist about it and she said she had several patients having the same problems. I have developed callouses that I never had before
    6th Jun 2014
    Thing go out of fashion and come back a few years later. I have an old but as new jacket I bought a few years ago that I nearly gave away 18 months ago when I moved. This Winter it is back in fashion. I gave away what no longer fitted me to a charity which I knew would definitely benefit from it. Some of my trackpants that are too short for me I gave to somebody I knew they fitted. Those that look rather worn are being used as PJ pants for extra warmth. I had a thin white T-Shirt I used to wear under my school blouse in Winter for extra warmth. We didn't have airconditioning in our classrooms when I was at school.
    7th Jun 2014
    i love my clothes a child i didn't really have much, then i grew older and started making my own. NOw i have so many, but i can't seem to throw them out lol. ITs hard/well some i replace by making copies of the same style, and that too is simply a saving. When not buying them.:)
    12th Jun 2014
    I have a favourite 2 piece suit in Punjab silk and is the colour of Pumpkin. I bought it in King's Cross when I was 20 and still have it to this day. It no longer fits, but when I bring it out on occasions, it takes me back to my early days and the fun times I had in it. I can remember all the places I wore it . It even has a slight mark on it and I can remember how it got there. Memories....of the way we were....
    2nd Jul 2014
    I don't have any of these!!!

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