Sunglasses to suit your face shape

Buying sunglasses is almost as stressful and difficult as buying swimwear for many people. It is not uncommon to hear shoppers dramatically proclaim “no sunglasses look good on me”. Fear no more, there is a fail-proof formula to choosing the right sunglasses, perhaps a more useful formula than those taught at school. As Coco Chanel so famously said “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions and that is the key to choosing the right sunglasses; they should be proportional to the size of your face. Sounds simple? Read on to find out which frames suit your face best.

Round faces: should avoid round frames and go for a straight or angular style which will elongate their face. Definition is the key with a round face, so choosing a frame equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face will help to slim your cheeks. Wayfarer frames are a great choice for round faces, as they draw attention to the top of the face for extra length. 

Heart-shaped or triangle faces: characterised by being narrow at the jaw and widest at the forehead. To soften the broad upper part of the face, choose shapes with round edges. Rectangular frames for men and cat-eyed frames for women also work well on a heart-shaped face as they balance out a pointed chin. Whatever style you opt for, it is best to keep your choice of frame small and neat.

Oval-shaped faces: are symmetrical, and, perhaps, the luckiest of the lot as most styles look good on them. While those with an oval-shaped face can play with different styles due to the balanced proportions of their facial features, a large frame is always a winner as it will accentuate and chisel cheekbones.

Square faces: it is best to steer clear of square frames and opt for a style that is rounded at the edges, think soft, curvy sunglasses. This will reduce strong angles, soften the jaw line and add length. Aviators are also a great choice for a square face. 

Oblong or diamond-shaped faces: the key here is to balance out the face and give it width. Oval and rimless frames are good styles to complement high cheekbones. Aviators are another classic unisex option which will help to chisel features and accentuate cheekbones. Shape aside, any frame you choose should have a considerable circumference as anything too small will make you look like a pea head, not something to which many of us aspire.

Still struggling? Shopping for sunglasses is not something to rush. Take your time looking at different styles in the mirror from all angles. Take a friend or family member whose opinion you trust. If you’re really unsure, take a photo of yourself in the sunglasses and look at it the next day. As with any purchase, sometimes space and time are the best indicators; if you’re still thinking about a particular style a few days later, you’ve probably found your perfect match.

Written by SJ