The age-neutral fashion campaign

Blue Illusion’s Autumn/Winter campaign stands out for all the right reasons.

Blue Illusion fashion campaign featuring Iris Apfel

More often than not fashion campaigns are in the press for all the wrong reasons. But thankfully the latest campaign from Australian label Blue Illusion is an exception to that rule.

Featuring none other than 94-year-old Iris Apfel, the campaign is cleverly titled Ageless. Iris, a native New Yorker, shot to fashion stardom after her eccentric costume jewellery was exhibited at The Costume Institute in 2005. She was also the subject of a Documentary titled Iris which premiered at the New York Film Festival in 2014.

Living proof that style is eternal, Iris is the perfect example of the fact that you can look fabulous at any age. Blue Illusion co-founder Donna Guest believes Iris, who was chosen for her strength as well as her eye-catching and effortless chic, allows people to feel comfortable in themselves by showing that style doesn’t end with youth. “Iris makes it okay and a non-issue to embrace your age. I think she allows older women to feel good about themselves, to know that you can feel and look good as you age.”

Blue Illusion’s Ageless campaign for Autumn/Winter 2016 not only features Iris in some images that put some artwork to shame, but also hears her speak on accessories, denim and ageless style across a series of three videos.

When it comes to fashion and age Iris believes that “fashion you must buy, but style you possess.” Adding, “It is hard to define, but I don’t think style has any age, it [style] is a matter of attitude.” And that “You can have the most beautiful clothes in the world, but if you have no style, it is just stuff.”

Why not take a look at some of the images from Blue Illusion’s Ageless campaign below and tell us what you think? What are your thoughts on the subject of fashion and age?

Hear Iris’s wise words on:



Ageless Style

And find out more at Blue Illusion.



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    27th May 2016
    Going shopping as you get older is a nightmare. The items offered for sale are directed at a younger generation, and one has to be careful not to fall into "mutton dressed as lamb" category. Looking for age appropriate dresses you are faced with disgustingly old fashioned floral cotton "sacks". To dress properly one has to visit the boutiques - there the apparel may be appropriate, and suitably chic, but it is non affordable to most of us. Growing older gracefully, and dressing appropriately on a budget is, unfortunately, a long way out of reach.
    27th May 2016
    Tarabelle, I agree that many of us can't afford some "age-appropriate" clothing. I rarely pay full price for clothing - I wait until garments are on sale - 30%/50% off - then I snap up if I want something. I don't go to every sale though, I'm selective.
    Also colourful scarves make wonderful accessories - wear them over stylish neutral colours - black, white, grey, bone (whatever suits you) - and you can have a "different" outfit each time.
    Finally, go "op-shopping" - over time you will find some quality (and often top brands-names) clothing at affordable prices. Try different op shops and be surprised!
    27th May 2016
    A bit like robbing a bank in a pink beany. The witnesses only remember the beany.
    31st May 2016
    Dancer, you are a lady after my own heart.
    I refuse to pay full price and buy on sale and I have so many scarves I could open a store lol.
    Have lately been buying on Ebay and found some lovely scarves around $3 delivered free. They come in via Hong Kong I think.
    Same things sell for up to $20 here.
    Op many lovely things I have bought...good quality brand new in 99% of cases and well known brands as well.If you get tired of them I do not mind donating back. It is when you pay good money you tend to hand on to them as you feel guilty you have spent so much and had so little use out of them.
    27th May 2016
    Clever lady! When you look at her face you notice the large bold glasses and her bright lipstick - not the wrinkles. It's the same with her neck, you 'see' the chunky necklace and/or the scarf rather than the stringy aged neck. Great haircut too.
    27th May 2016
    She reads the news on SBS.
    27th May 2016
    Noo not on our SBS Fast Eddie.
    27th May 2016
    True Fey. Fast Eddie, what an insult to the much younger and equally stylish Lee Lin Chin.
    27th May 2016
    You can look stylish, and many of us do, without all that 'gaudiness'
    However, hard to find on a Pensioners budget if you are in the
    over Size 16 category.
    I wish some of today's younger women would try to be more 'stylish'
    and less 'tarty' - there are so many beautiful and stylish fashions
    for them - instead of micro minis, strapless tops and mid-riff
    showing crop tops - no way can you look stylish in any of these!!!!
    Only thing I do not care for regarding Iris pic.s are those over chunky
    red beads!!
    27th May 2016
    I saw Iris , the documentary. Iris mixes high fashion with flea market finds. Her New York apartment has racks of her clothes in the spare rooms. She genuinely takes time to create each outfit she wears.
    Iris donated some of her expensive (read haute couture ) outfits to the Metropolitan Museum who were very glad to accept.
    She is an amazing woman at 95.

    27th May 2016
    She looks like felix fly?
    Polly Esther
    27th May 2016
    should have gone to spec savers. ? :-)
    anyway I hope I look that good if, I say if I reach 95. Good on her.
    27th May 2016
    Or Louisa the Fly. Keep up the good work on SBS.
    27th May 2016
    Not too sure about the cubes of red deli meat threaded around her neck, and the giant jaffas, but wow she sure looks good for her age. You can see she gets a real thrill out of wearing fun, adventurous clothes which most women of any age would be too timid to wear. Good for her!!
    27th May 2016
    The article is about Ageless Style. In my opinion if all those baubles she is wearing make her look stylish, I despair. I also ponder as to why people state she looks good for 95. I wonder who they are comparing her to. I must admit she is game to dress like that, although I think she looks like a clown, and that is not envy speaking.

    27th May 2016
    For those of you who like this sort of thing, there is a documentary called "Iris" on Netflix. I haven't watched it so don't know if the SBS news job of this geriatric starlet is mentioned, but the doco is given 5 out of 5 stars, so can't be too bad.
    27th May 2016
    She looks wonderful. Such a confident extrovert who can only make me smile. Blue Illusion do sell some lovely clothes for the more mature woman. They aren't cheap but they have natural fibers and attractive colours. Iris must be lucky enough not to have arthritis - they are BIG beads.
    27th May 2016
    Well I think those glases and the mode of dress look ridiculous , not a bit smart, just over done
    27th May 2016
    Blue Illusions campaign is a good one, but it has come at a cost to the consumer. In the last couple of years, their prices have Increased and unless on sale, are mostly unaffordable as they continue to use high profile people to promote their clothes.
    28th May 2016
    You don't have to look like a clown these two are quite elegant but not over done

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