What we were wearing in 2013

Whether you wore it or sat back and watched, there were some very clear style winners in 2013. Whether they were hot, or not, is another matter. Let’s take a look at the year that was, style wise.

Everyday workout
Earlier this year I did an article on workout wear and how it is now an acceptable alternative to everyday wear. Given the rising obesity rates and many people becoming more health conscious it looks like this trend is here to stay.

Top of the crops
Crop tops crept back into our lives earlier on this year. A trend that initially horrified many, myself included, however, I quickly became a covert when I realised the benefit of baring one’s waist when said waist is much smaller than hips. Not for the faint hearted, this trend will withstand summer and then hopefully disappear to die when the weather cools down once more.

What’s black and white all over?
Fashionistas all over the world were. Monochrome was a big trend for 2013 as everyone channelled their inner zebra. An easy look to achieve with existing pieces from your wardrobe, it was nice to see the ‘all black everything’ trend broken up, if only temporarily.

Boyfriend’s back
Boyfriend jeans continued their comeback and became available in a bigger range of colourways, such as white and black. Probably for the best, as one boyfriend can get rather boring after a while.

Spare the legs
Midi skirts bumped mini skirts out of the limelight as hemlines fell to below the knee. A work appropriate trend, it was nice to play with proportions and see a style embracing curves make a comeback.

The long and the sheer of it
Mesh and sheer fabrics were a big hit this year with designers creating clever illusions between solid and sheer. A slightly more risqué trend, sheer pieces instantly add an air of class and encourage layering. On the plus side, they are a dream to wear in the warmer weather.

Guess who’s back
The humble backpack was once again seen hanging around. One of the more practical trends of 2013, let’s hope this one’s here to stay.

All in all it was a daring, some may say baring, year in the fashion world. However, it is nice to see that designers finally seem to be waking up to the reality that most women are not bean poles and are creating some garments which worship curves. All I can say is, thank goodness low rise jeans didn’t make a comeback, there are enough ‘cracks’ in society without that trend resurfacing!